The Ladies Supernatural Exterminators Association – New Orleans Local no. 13

This is a bit of short steampunk fiction I wrote a few years ago.  I recently re-read it and cleaned it up a bit.  I’ve always wanted to write more stories in this setting.  I even tried to turn TLSEA into a fan group of sorts…but that didn’t go so well.  Maybe I’ll give it a go again…although there are SO many steampunk groups out there already. The image is one of my old steampunk costumes from 2010. ***** Midnight was a terribly late hour for a woman to be out without an escort. Yet the woman walked slowly down the riverfront. She walked slowly, apparently lost in her thoughts. Her face shone out of the black cape covering her from head to toe in the damp night. She reached the end of the sidewalk, and watched the Mississippi river for a moment, before turning and heading back down the […]

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