One Friday evening, back in the late 1990s (I think it was around 1998, but could have been 1997 or so) my boyfriend M, my friend Nicole, and I headed to the tattoo shop in Kenner (KENNA BRA). I picked a piece of tribal flash art off the wall, something not too big and not too small. I decided I wanted it on my calf – I figured that I could always wear tights or pants and cover it up if I had to. The artist transferred the design to my leg, had me lay on a table, and told me not to move. HOLY SHIT THAT FUCKING HURT, Y’ALL. For what felt like an hour the guy tattooed my calf. It was probably more like 30 minutes, but I was in a pretty major amount of pain. I held M’s hand and stayed as still as possible because the […]

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