The Bee’s Knees: Annees Follies’ 1920s Picnic

If you know me, you know I adore dressing up whenever I can.  From fancy dinners to Ren Faires, if you present me with an opportunity to play dress-up, I’ll do it.  So when my friend Allison tagged me on Facebook last week to see if I was interested in attending the Annees Follies‘ 1920’s Picnic, I kind of jumped at the chance. (Well, realistically, I checked to see if I had a remotely 1920s-esque outfit, and when I did, THEN I jumped at the chance.)

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Stress Window Shopping: Vixen & La Femme En Noir

Last week was ROUGH, y’all.  I’m really trying my hardest not to buy any new clothes until after Labor Day, but it is HARD to not shop when I am stressed.  I did have to buy a pair of shorts – because my office does volunteer work once a month and I like to died this month wearing jeans – but it’s definitely not the same thing.  With all of the dress groups I follow on Facebook and Instagram, seeing so many gorgeous ladies wearing new styles, the temptation is REALLY REAL.  But I can window shop to my heart’s content, and I have so many pieces in my closet that I should wear instead!

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Dress A Day May – Week 1

Last month, lots of my Instagram pals participated in All Dress April (#AllDressApril), where they wore dresses for the entire month of April. I didn’t notice it until a week in, so I didn’t want to be late to the party. However, Yvette from the Trashy Diva fan group on Facebook mentioned she’d be doing Dress A Day May (#DressADayMay), and that piqued my interest. I’ve been feeling a little funky lately (which you can probably tell via my posts), so to try and get myself out of the same-old fashion funk I’ve been in, I decided to participate. So, here’s what I wore for the first week of #DressADayMay! Monday – I was sick at home, so no dress pic. I wore a nightgown, though. Does that count? LOL. Tuesday – Dress: Lady V London Lyra in paisley print This is one of what I call my “pajama dresses”. […]

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My circled catalog!

Did you ever circle what you wanted in a catalog in hopes that your mom would get it for you? My mom always used to get the JCPenney catalog before Christmas and we would circle the toys that we wanted so she would have an idea of what to get us for Christmas. I guess these days kids just send their parents their Amazon wish lists? (No joke, I do love the Amazon wishlist though. It takes all the struggle out of buying stuff for growing kids whose tastes change every year.) This is what I’m circling in my online catalog. Here’s what’s on my fashion wishlist for the end of 2016: Trashy Diva – Ashley in Wine Dots TD re-released an old fan favorite print this week, Wine Dots. This print was originally released in a silk fabric, but they brought it back in their stretch rayon, which has […]

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Whattsamatter? Chicken? – Trashy Diva Ruffled Feathers

Trashy Diva Ruffled Feathers Dress

I would visit my grandparents in Mississippi over the summers and I was always fascinated with watching Maw-Maw deal with the chickens in the backyard coop. I would stand outside the coop with her in the mornings while she got eggs. One time she asked me if I wanted fried chicken for dinner, and I said yes. I was thinking we would go into town and go get Popeye’s or something, since that was what I was used to. Nope. (Warning: vegans are gonna want to stop reading here.) She went into the backyard, got one of the non-laying hens from the coop, and…um…made quick work of it. Plucked, cut it up, fried it up with flour and seasoning, and BOOM, fried chicken. When I had my little kid freak-out (OHMYGOSH MAW-MAW!), her response to me was, “Well, where do you think fried chicken comes from?” My Maw-Maw was a […]

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Flutterby! – eShakti wrap dress

eShakti Flutter Sleeve Floral Print Crepe Wrap Dress

It’s been a while since I purchased anything from eShakti. As much as I was madly obsessed with their clothes a while back, for some reason I just wasn’t feeling a lot of their new styles, especially since I’d started really wearing a lot more retro-inspired items. I decided to give them another chance at the end of September when I received a coupon in my email. To my delight, I found that they’ve added quite a bit of items that have a definite retro vibe! I decided to go with this really adorable flutter-sleeve crepe wrap dress. Dress: Flutter-sleeve floral print crepe wrap dress (no longer available. Sadface.) – eShakti Shoes: Oxfords (similar) – Modcloth I am IN LOVE with this dress. It’s so feminine and pretty! The flutter sleeves are so cute, and I love that this is a true wrap dress. The print on the dress is […]

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