Not So Skinny Dip Pool Party

Not So Skinny Dip party

On this blog, I’ve talked pretty candidly about the journey of accepting my body. I’ve talked fashion, I’ve talked health and exercise, I’ve even talked about my personal struggle with disordered eating. It’s been a long road in learning to accept my body – chunky arms, big thighs, round belly, and all. But one of the hardest things I struggle with is bathing suits. I know I’m not alone – buying bras is one thing, but swimwear is a totally different situation. I’ve seen women much smaller than me pick themselves apart when they try on a two-piece suit, so it’s definitely something that all bodies experience, but I feel like it’s an entirely different beast for fat people like myself.

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Sweet Cherry Pie

I love cherry everything.  My favorite snowball flavor is cherry (black cherry if they have it), my favorite pie flavor is cherry, and goodness knows if there is a cherry print anything I’m gonna want it in my closet.  Which was pretty much my exact reaction when I saw this sweet cherry shirtdress in Jaci Blue recently.

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