Photo Post: A Day At The Faire!

I adore Ren Faires. I love pulling out all of my garb and getting dressed up. I love getting to the festival site early and watching the staff and cast put on the opening show. I love walking around on a cool, crisp day, enjoying the sun on my face while I peruse stalls of jewelry, clothing and accessories, and gadgets and toys. I love sitting on a bench, watching the assorted performers. I love stopping under a tree and eating faire food – everything from a Scotch Egg, to gyros, to chicken skewered on a stick and roasted. I love seeing my friends out and about with me. However, I do not love when the sun is setting and I am making my way back to my car, hat in hand, ready to make the trip back home and to real life. I am sad to unbuckle my belt […]

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