Not So Skinny Dip Pool Party

Not So Skinny Dip party

On this blog, I’ve talked pretty candidly about the journey of accepting my body. I’ve talked fashion, I’ve talked health and exercise, I’ve even talked about my personal struggle with disordered eating. It’s been a long road in learning to accept my body – chunky arms, big thighs, round belly, and all. But one of the hardest things I struggle with is bathing suits. I know I’m not alone – buying bras is one thing, but swimwear is a totally different situation. I’ve seen women much smaller than me pick themselves apart when they try on a two-piece suit, so it’s definitely something that all bodies experience, but I feel like it’s an entirely different beast for fat people like myself.

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Family Portraits!

On my desk at work, I have a picture of me, Doug, and Gizmo.  It was taken long long ago – maybe 2011? – in front of Doug’s mom’s Christmas tree.  It’s one of my favorite pictures of us, but as the years have gone on, I’ve been wanting to get new pictures since we’ve changed. So a few weeks ago, I asked my coworkers Dylan and Danielle, owners of Three Twenty Studio, if they would come over and do family portraits of the three of us.  Doug wasn’t too keen on the idea (he doesn’t like having his picture taken), but I convinced him that it would be fun. And I was right.  It was fun.  😀  I wanted our pictures to be fairly casual – just us in what we would normally wear every day – although we did put a bandana on Gizmo because it just made […]

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Happy Friday

After my last post, I’ve discovered that I’m definitely not alone in feeling burnout. A lot of other people on Twitter and Facebook have been talking about the same thing. On top of that, there’s dealing with the feelings of guilt when we choose to talk about things other than what’s going on in the world today. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I’ve figured out that I can’t fight back if I’m exhausted. So I’m choosing to take my happiness when and where I can for my own health. And with that, I’m going to stretch my writing fingers and start doing a post every week on Friday, talking about the things that made me happy this week. So let’s begin, shall we?

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