Who are you?
My name is Karen. I live in Mandeville, Louisiana, which is a short drive away from New Orleans.

I’m married to a wonderful network admin, Doug, who loves board games, video gaming, 3D printing, and most things geek-related.

We have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Gizmo. We adopted him from a rescue shelter in November of 2010. He’s spoiled, LOVES attention, and sleeping on our bed. In the mornings he’s usually sleeping on my pillow above my head. He’s kicked me in the face a couple of times, but I still love him.

What made you start blogging?
I originally started blogging back in 2001 or so to teach myself web design, as well as keep an online journal. I’ve always kept journals since I was fairly young, mainly because I love to write. I took many creative writing courses in school, and studied journalism in college. Writing has always been sort of cathartic for me.

For a few years, I dabbled in the world of fashion blogging, trying my best to come up with lots of content and trying to stay ahead of the game with posts, outfits, and so on.  I rapidly burned myself out.  I became frustrated with writing, and I resented the fact that I felt like I couldn’t come up with topics or anything to write about.  I recently rediscovered my love of writing through some fabulous friends I met through Tumblr.  I also miss the halcyon days of freeform blogging, where I just put myself out there in the online world.

What do I write about now?  Anything I want.  From the previously mentioned plus-sized fashion, to photography, to my obsession with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (I have a mad crush on Loki), to costuming / cosplay, to plus-sized lingerie and bra fitting, to ren faires, to feminism, to my love of BBC television, to my corgi, to health and body image, to new comics and stories…the list goes on.

Anything else?
I rediscovered my love for photography recently. Doug gave me a Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR with a few lenses for Christmas in 2015. I’m also a fan of the Lomography movement – even though the results I got in my La Sardina and Konstruktor cameras aren’t quite as good as some other images out there.  I also have Doug’s father’s beautiful Pentax Spotmatic that looks almost brand new, but I’m so hesitant to use it out of fear that I’ll break something! I’m still in the process of teaching myself about photography.  Over 10 years ago, I worked as a photo lab technician for both Eckerd’s and a professional lab in the New Orleans area.

I love going to sci-fi/comic/anime conventions, as well as ren faires. I met my husband and a lot of my friends through LARPing (live action roleplaying).  I love dark colors, but I’m not really a “goth”. Not anymore, anyway.

In 2007, Doug and I went on a two week trip to London, Wales, and Scotland, and I fell in love with everything there. I have vowed to return to the UK sometime.

In November of 2014, I was diagnosed as diabetic after spending a week bedridden and almost a week in the hospital.  I have a big sweet tooth and I’ve spent most of my life seeing bread, pasta, and potatoes as comfort food.  I’ve made some changes that have helped control my blood sugar, but I’m constantly working to be better about what I put in my body and how I treat it.

I love music, but was not blessed with the ability to create it.

I read really fast, and I read a lot.

I love dresses. My favorites are designs that are distinctly retro-inspired. Some of my favorite places to get dresses from are Trashy Diva in New Orleans, as well as ModCloth and eShakti online.

I collect assorted shades of red lipstick.

Where did you get the name “The Blackberry Belle”?

Devil, sweet talkin’ fly on the wall
Blackberry belle of the ball
Just like you told me
I’m gonna crawl

– “Number Nine”, The Twilight Singers