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La Sardina w/ Lomo Lady Grey 400 – 2017


Maybe it’s the goth in me, maybe it’s the former journalism major, but I love B&W photos. When I started getting back into shooting film again a few years back, I ordered a pack of Lomography Lady Grey 400 and loaded it into my La Sardina to bring to the Louisiana Renaissance Festival.

Unfortunately, not all the shots came out. These were the best of the best, the only ones I liked enough to share. I do like how the La Sardina gives motion shots a really chaotic feel, but I’m iffy on the film. Maybe the La Sardina wasn’t the best camera to choose for this film, or maybe I am just still hesitant to just take shots of people on the fly.

I don’t mind snapping shots of my friends (the ones who like their picture being taken anyway), but I get nervous when I think about taking pictures of strangers. I feel like I need to ask people if I could take pictures of them first…just as a courtesy, you know? How do photographers who just snap away people on the street do it? That’s something I need to work on getting over. Well, after coronavirus, anyway. There’s no way I’m getting near people right now, LOL.

I still have about two rolls of this film in my fridge. I should give it a try in another camera to see how I like it then. If not, it’s not like there no other kind of B&W film in the world. I’ve never shot with Ilford HP5, maybe I could try that next.

(And yes, there’s going to be a lot of posts with older film scans for a bit. I have a lot of stuff from the past that I really like…that and I’m waiting on two rolls to come back from The Darkroom.)

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