La Sardina w/ Kodak Gold 400 – 2015

One of my favorite cameras to play with is my La Sardina, a Lomography camera designed to mimic the design of classic sardine cans. It has some neat features for a plastic point-and-shoot – a wide-angle lens, two settings for focusing, and a bulb and multiple exposure switch.

When I picked up the black DIY edition back in 2015, I loaded it with a roll of Kodak Gold 400 speed film and ran around outside to see what kind of shots I could get, and I was pleasantly surprised at the result. These images are straight scans from the film with no retouching done. I got some great soft focus shots with some pleasant vignetting around the corners. Nothing super fancy, but I like them.

I recently loaded the camera with an expired roll of Kodak UC400 and took some shots both inside and outside, and am waiting to get it back from development. I’m curious to see what comes out!

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