Big Fat Books: Cabin Fever by Alisha Rai

Hey y’all!  Welcome to Big Fat Books, my regular column where I read and review books with plus sized main characters where their weight loss is NOT central to the concept of their happiness.  Because any BODY can get the booty (or not, depending on their preference), save the day, and end on a high note.

When I realized I wanted to do this column, I put out a call on Twitter for recommendations for books with plus sized main characters.  Thanks to a few well-placed retweets from awesome friends, I got a HUGE list of books to read.  Most being romances but not all.  Cabin Fever by Alisha Rai was one of those recommendations from a few people.

Cabin Fever by Alisha Rai

Love isn’t something she thinks she needs…until it lands right on her doorstep.

Genevieve Boden is a witch and doesn’t care who knows. The townspeople’s fear of her keeps away those who have hurt her before—like the local men of authority. Besides, a life of exile deep in the woods of West Virginia is due punishment, she figures, for the part she played in her mother’s death. If she’s alone, no one need know that the trauma took away her powers.

Then she finds a bloody, fatally wounded man slumped on her porch. In an instant, her healing ability reawakens—and that’s not all. He stirs a hunger beyond her wildest dreams. But a relationship with the new chief of police? Not a chance.

Alex Rivera isn’t sure how he survived, but he’s certain his beautiful savior did more than just bandage his wounds. Captivated by this wary angel and stunned by the depth of emotion he feels for her, he vows to discover her secrets. After all, thanks to the raging snowstorm, they have nothing to do but share body heat.

Their sizzling attraction goes straight to their hearts. So could a killer’s bullet…once whoever shot Alex finds them.

Big Fat Thoughts

One of my favorite sub-genres of romance is the paranormal kind.  Vampires, werewolves, witches, whatever.  I also have found that I’m becoming a fan of forced proximity romances (ex. two people stuck together in a cabin during a snowstorm), and I’m pretty sure that this book was the final nail in that coffin.


Alisha Rai has been on my to-read list for a while now since hearing good things about her Forbidden Hearts series on some friends’ tweets and on SBTB, so I was more than glad to check out this one.  This was her second published work, but the very first book she ever wrote.  It’s just over 200 pages long, but don’t let that fool you, though, there is a lot going on!

Genevieve’s body is not really described until the second chapter, and it’s only through Alex’s eyes that you get to see her for the first time. Her face is described as Botticelli-like, her hips wide, her thighs plump, her belly curved.  Through future descriptions, you get the idea that she’s definitely chubby, but it’s unsure if you could consider her plus sized.  He definitely appreciates her form – especially as their attraction develops and things start getting steamy – but there is a lot of talk about how she was a WOMAN, all caps and italicized.

Fat women =/= better or more definitive women, y’all.  But I’ll let this slide for now since this is a romance and the book is making her body appealing and this was published 10 years ago.   I can’t have it all, I know.

Genevieve does cast a bit of a critical eye towards her body every so often, but there’s very little mention of her having to lose weight.  This is a welcome thing, and I appreciate the mentions of her strength due to having to take care of her animals and the cabin.  There is a few times where she gives the whole “men like him aren’t attracted to women that look like me” internal speech, but it’s infrequent and only at the beginning of the book.
Alex is definitely an alpha male, all towering muscular bod, although for most of the book he’s bedridden, so he spends most of the time relying on Genevieve’s healing abilities and such to nurse him back to health.  It’s also mentioned in the book that he suffers from PTSD due to something that happened in his past, which I won’t go into because spoilers.  However, he refers to himself as a “wuss” and a “pussy” a few times and that does get kind of old fast.  Come on, man, you were shot, found on a doorstep, and being nursed to health.  Can you drop the toxic masculinity for a little while?  He’s not an asshole, though, opening up to Genevieve over time, both emotionally and physically, and ends up playing big strong protector when things get violent – someone DID shoot him, after all.

Their sexy times together are REALLY dang hot.  Like so hot I don’t wanna talk about them because my mom reads this blog.  (Sorry, Mom, your daughter reads smutty smut smut.)  If you love intense and graphic sexy times you’ll like this story.  If you’re more of a “passionate kiss then fade to black” person, this is gonna be too spicy for you.

All in all, Cabin Fever is a good short read, with a chubby heroine and a lot of steamy scenes.  I’ve added the first book in Alisha’s Forbidden Hearts series, Hate To Want You, to my to-read list because I want to read more from her after this.  It’s only 99 cents on Kindle, so snag it for a summer read. 

I’ve started a Goodreads list of books with plus sized main characters – check it out HERE! If you’d like to recommend something for the Big Fat Books to-read list, feel free to drop me a line! Please note that Big Fat Books focuses on fat / plus-sized main characters who are NOT dieting or actively losing weight during the course of the story.

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