Sweet Cherry Pie

I love cherry everything.  My favorite snowball flavor is cherry (black cherry if they have it), my favorite pie flavor is cherry, and goodness knows if there is a cherry print anything I’m gonna want it in my closet.  Which was pretty much my exact reaction when I saw this sweet cherry shirtdress in Jaci Blue recently.

Donna Morgan Cherry Dress from Jaci Blue
Cobb Hill Aubrey t-straps

I’m not a gigantic fan of shirtwaist dresses.  Nine times out of ten when I get a shirtdress it pulls at the bust, so I usually have to size up to make sure it doesn’t gap over my boobs.  Then the waist is usually huge, so I either need to make sure that I have a belt that’ll go with it or it’ll feel like a tent and I will never pull it out of my closet.  So I haven’t had a lot of shirtwaist dresses in my closet.  But this one was a must-have as soon as I put it on, not only because of the print but also because it fit PERFECTLY.

A few weeks ago, I was at Jaci Blue with my friend Holly of The Full Figured Chest, doing some shopping together after lunch when I saw this dress.  She suggested I try it on and I am SO glad she did.  It’s made from a really nice crisp cotton poplin, which will be nice for summertime events.  It also comes with a sash belt, so it fits well in the waist and the boobs!  The skirt hits me perfectly under the knee, so it’ll be good for office wear.  And…the best part…IT HAS POCKETS.


(Snacks are important, y’all.)

This makes 2/2 hits out of the park for dresses from Jaci Blue, and let’s just say that I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last.  🙂  I even brought my friend Harley there this past weekend so she could experience the awesomeness that is a fat-friendly space to shop for clothes!  So if you’re in New Orleans, hit this store up and show them some love.  

They’re also hosting the second annual Not So Skinny Dip: Plus Size Pool Party on June 15th, so buy your tickets now and join me for a great evening of people feeling themselves in the summer heat!  Get your tickets HERE.

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  1. I love this dress so much! Light, airy and oh so summer for a Memorial Day, 4th of July or Labor Day function. Beautiful! ❤️