Golden Hours (ModCloth dress review)

Spring is finally here in Louisiana!  This year has been a lot different than usual because we’ve actually had a real honest-to-God spring, with cool nights and low humidity and warm days.  Typically, we only get like a week of that and then we roll right into 90% humidity and temperatures in the 80s-90s.  NO THANK YOU.  I’m determined to enjoy this weather as much as possible.

Awaken Your Enthusiasm Ruffled Midi Dress – ModCloth (no longer available)
Sandals and straw handbag – Poshmark

Back in November, when Allison and I attended the 1920s picnic, there was this beautiful woman wearing this dress there and I remember commenting that I had it on my ModCloth wishlist.  Not even 48 hours after that event, I went home and found the dress on sale, so in the shopping cart it went.  I was only able to wear it once before winter descended, but every time I opened my closet over the past few months, it shone out like golden rays and kept tempting me to wear it.  And this Friday, with the weather in the 70s, blue skies, and the sun drying the damp grass, was the perfect day to pull it out of the closet.

This print SHINES, y’all.  If you don’t like standing out, don’t wear this dress.  It’s bold and bright and brings smiles to people’s faces.  I had no less than three people tell me they loved this dress while I was at the grocery (yes, totally humble-bragging here).  ModCloth describes this dress as “mustard”, but that’s way too muted.  This thing is gold, straight-up gold.

There’s something so fun about a fluttery dress.  I want to walk and twirl and stand in a gentle breeze and let the wind play with my skirt.  This dress has that and more.  The not only does the chiffon skirt move beautifully, the fluttery sleeves extend to a back ruffle that is almost cape-like so you have a lot of movement with this dress.

The waist of this dress is a simple drawstring tie.  After wearing this once, I realized that I had probably bought it in a size too big.  I tend to do this with ModCloth dresses a lot because of their size chart – I’m firmly between a 2X and a 3X in their stuff.  However, I love the comfiness and the drawstring waist allows me to snug it up pretty well to my waist, so I’m not too worried!  The blouson effect of the top lends itself well to the flowy vibe of the dress.

With outfits like this, I think I’m more than ready for warmer weather to come my way!

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