Happy National Lingerie Day!

It’s National Lingerie Day today! WOO LINGERIE! Y’all know that I love some pretty underthings, so let’s talk about some styles I have my eye on this season.


Sculptresse is Panache Lingerie’s plus-size line. I’ve owned a couple of styles of theirs and it’s a really wonderful brand that I feel doesn’t get the love and respect that I think it deserves. They have really well-made pieces and some great colorways and styles that have come out year after year! It would be great to see this brand in more lingerie shops.

The Logan full cup bra, one of the newest styles they have out, comes in a soft pink with beautiful floral embroidery and precious polka dots on the top of the cup.

Their Lula plunge bra comes in this pretty Saffron color (although tbh it looks more coral to me). I like the plunging neckline and the polka dots are super cute!


One of my favorite bras to put on people at Bra Genie was the Charlotte from Parfait. Every time someone came in and wanted something for a retro boudoir shoot, this was one I always grabbed. The highwaisted bottoms come in a wide range of sizes and the black trim just works with all colors. I was super happy to see that it actually comes in an all-beige option now as well as a cream floral version! I personally love the classic red/black and dusty rose/black colorways shown below.

Curvy Kate / Scantilly

Curvy Kate’s Scantilly line is definitely not for the faint of heart. I was so excited when this line came out because I’d been lamenting the lack of super sexy bras for fuller figures for YEARS. Scantilly has steadily come out with really fresh and fashion-forward styles for fuller busts and fuller figures for the past few years, and this year is no exception.

The Velvet Rose plunge bra is definitely a bra I’d want to show off! The velvet appliques sit on top of a sheer caged look and remind me very strongly of burlesque pasties.

The Knockout plunge bra has been a go-to for Scantilly season after season. I actually have this style and it is SO much better on than it looks on a hanger! I thought it was kind of plain when I first tried it on, but have found this style to be a great basic, especially for the heat here in Louisiana. It is SUPER lightweight and works under very low-cut summer tops.


I’m ashamed to say that I turned up my nose at beige bras for the longest time. Even now, if you show me a style in beige or black, I’m going to probably pick the black one. However, as time has gone on and I’ve been introducing lighter colors into my wardrobe, I’m recognizing that it’s not such a bad idea to have a couple of basics in my wardrobe. While doing research for this post, I read Holly’s review of the Fusion style from Fantasie on the Lingerie Briefs blog, and I’m fascinated! I really dig the simple pinstripe style in both beige and black with this style, and I have to say that Holly’s raving about how lightweight it is has doubly piqued my interest.


Ahh, Elomi. This brand is pretty much a staple in my bra wardrobe, and for good reason. Their designers really appreciate the challenges that can come with fitting a fuller figure, and as time has gone on they’ve really increased their fashion styles and options. I’m always really excited to see what they come out with every season!

The Charley was a HUGE hit all over Instagram, especially the bralette style. Elomi hit it out of the park with this style, and I think a big part of that was the bralette look BUT the bottom lace is stretchy, which makes it lay perfectly on high round bellies like mine! I’m super happy to see that the bralette is returning this season in a soft ballet pink. I won’t lie, though – that black plunge style with the floral embroidery on top is SUPER pretty and I love the matching briefs.

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