Abstract Flowers (ModCloth dress review)

After attending the 1920s Picnic back in November, I became pretty obsessed with adding some 1920s style into my wardrobe. My standard for vintage-inspired style for the past few years has been 1940s/1950s, but there’s something so – freeing? – about the looser silhouettes of the 1920s. That and sometimes during the warmer months, the idea of a fitted waistband plus shapewear just isn’t appealing at all. So off to Poshmark I went to find some 1920s-inspired styles.

This Modcloth dress was one of the styles that I found on Poshmark, and it is definitely a looser, more flowy vibe.

Modcloth dress – Poshmark
Red cloche hat – Amazon
Beige fishnets – We Love Colors
Cobb Hill Aubreys – Poshmark
Silver necklace – Old Navy

This dress was originally called the “Fiore Your Entertainment” dress on Modcloth, and even though it is no longer available, it can be found to pop up on Poshmark occasionally in assorted sizes. I fell in love with the abstract print – is it flowers? Is it splatters? It reminds me a lot of Queen Anne’s Lace, so I’m going with flowers. But you might see something different!

The dress itself is a sheer material over a navy lining. The sleeves are sheer and about down to the elbow, but they are split so they’re super breezy and floaty! If you’re like me and have squishy bigger upper arms, these are very comfortable sleeves. The scoop neck is a not too low, so if you’re more into modest styles, you’ll prefer this. Oh, and it has POCKETS.

Since I was going for more of a 1920s vibe with this, I accessorized this with a cloche hat, nude fishnets, my t-strap Cobb Hill Aubreys (I have three pairs of these shoes now – no lie, they are the most comfy shoes I own), and a long Old Navy pendant necklace. The hat is the most fun part of this outfit other than the dress – I snagged it on Amazon. The red goes with the red in the pattern perfectly.

I’m really hoping that the Annees Follees group in New Orleans puts on another picnic before it gets too warm so I can wear this dress! I’ve got a few more 1920s style dresses that I’m looking forward to wearing and styling this year!

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