The Bee’s Knees: Annees Follies’ 1920s Picnic

If you know me, you know I adore dressing up whenever I can.  From fancy dinners to Ren Faires, if you present me with an opportunity to play dress-up, I’ll do it.  So when my friend Allison tagged me on Facebook last week to see if I was interested in attending the Annees Follies‘ 1920’s Picnic, I kind of jumped at the chance.

(Well, realistically, I checked to see if I had a remotely 1920s-esque outfit, and when I did, THEN I jumped at the chance.)

The picnic was held at the Longue Vue House and Gardens, which is this sort-of-kind-of hidden gem right on the border between NOLA and Metairie off of Metairie Road.  I’d seen it before in pictures, but I didn’t know exactly where it was.  It’s LITERALLY right across the parish line – like if you blink, you’ll miss the road to turn down.

The picnic was held on what I thought was the lawn of the house – I’ve later come to realize it was the back lawn – and even though the house was not open (they open from 1-5PM on Sundays), we were able to stroll through the gardens.  I’m dying to go back because I didn’t even get to see the front gardens, and everything was so lovely!  The weather was perfect and Allison and I brought a lot of food.  Too much food, really.  We ended up sitting with a very nice woman named Mary who shared her grandmother’s photos with us.  Someone even brought their 1931 Model T you could take pictures with.  That is one gorgeous car!

We were surrounded by BEAUTIFUL people in BEAUTIFUL outfits – all decked out in their finest.  I felt like I was in the background of a Downton Abbey episode, which I adored.  I mean, look at these people.  Look how gorgeous they are.

(I actually bought that mustard floral dress off of Modcloth after seeing it on the lady above.  I had it on my wishlist and seeing how pretty she was in it made me pull the trigger.  So whoever you are, thank you!)

Allison and I weren’t perfectly 1920s accurate, but not everyone was.  The event even said, just come dressed up!  I wore a navy and white polka dot dress I’d recently gotten off of Poshmark, a burgundy cardigan, nude fishnets, and my tan Cobb Hill Audreys.  To finish the look, I wore a burgundy cloche hat that Allison had given me as a gift a few years back, a strand of Mardi Gras pearls, and I brought one of my parasols from my  steampunk costuming days.  Allison wore the classic black Jenny dress from Trashy Diva, which looked spectacular on the moon backdrop when you converted the photo to B&W.

After eating and listening to the band (they even offered a lesson on the Charleston, which I passed on), a few of us strolled through the closest garden.

I really need to go back there with my mom before the weather gets terrible.  I think she’d love walking through the gardens.

The Annees Follies group in New Orleans appears to put on these picnics on a regular basis, along with other 1920s themed events.  I’ve added them on Facebook and Instagram and hopefully will get to do something like this again very soon!

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