Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Time to look at some of the awesome things that are happening all around this week.

I actually made a sale on Poshmark this week! Poshmark is one of my favorite sites to browse for new or new-to-me clothing. Essentially, people list their items for sale, and you can search for items filtered by your size, price level, color, brand, and lots more options. When you create a profile, you can sell your items, and other sellers/buyers can follow and share your items to their followers, which puts your pieces out in front of more people. Poshmark also hosts “parties”, which are curated sales specific to a theme, brand, or size range – and you can share your items to those too. For example, a couple of times a week they host an “Everything Plus Size Party”, and I always share my clothes for sale in there so it can get out to more people. Even though I’m on a spending freeze for the summer, I like going through and adding items to my “Likes” list, which is kind of like window shopping without spending the money.

If you’re interested in joining Poshmark, you can use this referral link and get $5.00 to start shopping with! (I get $5.00 in credits when you make your first purchase so we both win, haha!)

And if you’re interested in what I’m selling, check out my closet over in the sidebar! 😀

One of the library books I finished last weekend was “Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls” by Jes Baker of The Militant Baker. THIS BOOK. There’s a lot of stuff in there that was uncomfortable to read because I didn’t want to revisit those awkward and painful moments, but I needed to face them. It was like your best friend telling you the facts – but done in such a way that your breath is taken away at the amount of their love for you. I spent a lot of time highlighting some of my favorite quotes and sharing them on my Instagram story. This is one of my favorites that sticks with me:

The word ‘pretty’, however, when used to describe a woman’s physical appearance, signifies to me a physical ideal that’s fabricated by companies to make you believe that you’ll never be enough until you reach it. Pretty is what they want you to believe in. Pretty is what causes women to battle each other. Pretty has been created to always be exclusive. Pretty is a made-up lie created to line the pockets of money-hungry assholes. SO. FUCK. PRETTY.
Reclaim beauty.

The funny thing is, Jes’ most recent post on her blog is titled “Why I’ve chosen body liberation over body love”. It’s interesting – and a bit refreshing – to see that over time she’s adjusted her stance.  Because we all adapt and change our ways of thinking as we grow and learn.

From her most recent blog:

To propose that you absolutely can love your body, and if you don’t it’s because you’re not trying hard enough makes those who are affected by oppression daily feel like they’re somehow failing at this movement that is allegedly supposed to offer freedom.

It’s not always possible to love your body. And it’s not something I want to ask of anyone any longer.


I am lucky enough to work with fellow cold-brew coffee drinkers. We make our own cold brew coffee at the office with one of these – a CoffeeSock. I loved making coffee with this so much at work that I finally caved and bought my own CoffeeSock for home! One batch made at home gets me just over a week’s worth of coffee, so I’m not stopping every morning and spending five bucks on a large iced coffee. Saving money, woo!

So what are you happy about this week? Share it with me!

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  1. I am very interested in trying out the Coffee Sock, too-I just hate the thought of spending all that money on coffee or tea at coffee mega-organizations, and it still comes out too much on the bitter side.

    I am happy for the weekend and a holiday in the middle of next week! I am blessed and happy to be and feel healthy after my major back surgery 2 years ago! I have learned aches are far different than pain, and just have to keep moving through the aches. I am blessed and happy to have a big, supportive family (and prayer warriors) when trouble & loss hits us. We can talk and communicate about any of our opinions and differences. I am happy and content with life as it is today. These are the things I choose to focus on and am most content with as I move toward retirement and a mature age. God is good and has blessed me!

  2. I’ll have to check out the coffee sock–I’m always looking for easy ways to make good coffee.

    My happy thing this week is that I seem have found my painting mojo again–and I have an idea for a fun project combining painting and data. 😀