Happy Friday

After my last post, I’ve discovered that I’m definitely not alone in feeling burnout. A lot of other people on Twitter and Facebook have been talking about the same thing. On top of that, there’s dealing with the feelings of guilt when we choose to talk about things other than what’s going on in the world today.


I’ve figured out that I can’t fight back if I’m exhausted. So I’m choosing to take my happiness when and where I can for my own health. And with that, I’m going to stretch my writing fingers and start doing a post every week on Friday, talking about the things that made me happy this week.

So let’s begin, shall we?

First things first – next weekend I’m attending the first Not-So-Skinny Dip Pool Party, hosted by Jaci Blue. It’s an outlet for fellow fat people to wear cute swimsuits, lounge around a pool, have drinks and food, and generally just be comfortable in our skin. I’ve been saying that I’m going to be more active in fat positivity and such on Twitter, and I think this is a good thing to do. If anyone wants to join me, you can get tickets HERE.

Spinning off on that, my husband was awesome and bought me a bathing suit to wear to the event. I tried going to the Slidell Torrid store to try things on, but all of the styles that I wanted were gone. So I poked around online and bought this suit.

It’s still a one-piece, so it’s not TOTALLY out of my comfort zone, but it’s not all black AND it’s really low-cut. I also snagged the matching kimono coverup which I think would look cute with regular clothes too. Maybe after my self-imposed spending exile is over, I’ll pick up an actual two-piece!

I dug my library card out of my wallet this week because I remembered that I could check out ebooks with it! So I downloaded Libby on my iPad, and started searching for romance novels to escape from reality. Over the past few days I’ve been reading Courtney Milan’s “Brothers Sinister” series, which is THOROUGHLY enjoyable. I’ve also been adding lots of other books to my “to-read” list as well! (I wish the St. Tammany library had more of what I was looking for in their romance ebooks section, but I’ll take what I can get.) I’m thinking about heading to the Covington branch this weekend and seeing what they actually have there. I haven’t been to the library in a long time…it was always one of my favorite places to spend time when I was younger. There were many days that my mom would drop me off there while she ran errands, and I would spend time curled up in a corner chair or desk with a pile of books to read.

I’m EXTREMELY lucky to be friends with some really amazing writers. Like, REALLY amazing. Like “I want them to become NYT best-sellers and spend the rest of their days writing and traveling to assorted cons to meet their fans” kind of amazing. So here are two announcements about my friends’ books that I think you should check out:

One of my BFFs, Envy Augustine, has an awesome sci-fi novel titled Spaced Out up on her Wattpad. This week she started posting the SECOND book in this series, Super Spaced Out! Here’s the description of the first book to pique your interest:

Lily Abadie never expected to spend her summer at the center of an intergalactic war.

When a spacecraft crashes into her family’s summer cabin and she’s pulled on board that’s exactly where she ends up. After an alien device uploads a huge data-dump into her mind, she blacks out .The craft blasts her back to its mothership manned by real life E.T.s who are anything but sweet and adorable.

On one hand, there’s Vortrand, the captain of the mothership. He claims only he should control the information encrypted in her head. In anyone else’s hands, the decrypted data could lead to apocalyptic ends for all life in the universe.

On the other hand, there’s Vlex, Vortrand’s prisoner who warns her the captain isn’t what he seems. The information she carries once belonged to Vlex. Vortrand stole it and intends to use it to conquer any planet he comes across.

Both men desperately want what Lily has. And maybe more. They swear they’ll get her home as long as she gives them what they desire.

What’s Lily supposed to do when getting herself back to Earth means picking one? And the possible enslavement or destruction of humankind?

Another one of my BFFs, Harley Easton, announced the third charity anthology that she’s going to be in this week – Summer Fair! Read the description and pre-order today:

Summer festivals bring the aroma of popcorn, the excitement of rides, and the promise of real-life enchantment. Seven authors bring you original love stories, each set at a different summer celebration. You’ll experience the thrill of the Chicago World’s fair through the eyes of a plucky girl reporter and the quiet desperation of a teen working a summer job at a traveling carnival. Get whisked away on romantic journeys around the world from a sweet Texas Dewberry Festival to a lantern-filled temple celebration to a surprisingly rowdy New England Founders Day. Whether it’s the magic of a Renaissance Fair, the excitement of a Theater Retreat, or the pulse of a Music Festival, you’re sure to get geared up for all things summer with this delightful new collection.

So these are the things that are making me happy this week. Feel free to share what you’re happy about, too!

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  1. That swimsuit is so cute! I hope you have fun at the party.

    I’ve been using my library card to get e-books too. The library doesn’t have everything I want, but it’s allowed me to get quite a few books that were on my to-read list but were too expensive. Which reminds me, aren’t you a Gail Carriger fan? Last week I read How to Marry a Werewolf, which is a romance novella she wrote ($4 on Kindle). I can loan it out once for 2 weeks — just @ me on Twitter if you want to borrow it. 🙂