Beep beep

So I have some awesome news that happened last week while I was off of work for the holiday – I got a new car! I traded in my TARDIS (a 2006 Scion xB) for a 2018 Toyota Corolla.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Scion. It was my very first brand new car that I financed and paid off. It had a ton of room and was great for road trips to many places – Houston, Shreveport, Lake Charles, Huntsville. But it was coming up on 12 years old, I was beginning to have more and more problems with it, and since it was under 100K miles I figured now would be a good time to trade it in.

So I did my research, narrowed my choices down to two cars (the Corolla and the Yaris iA), and headed to a local Toyota dealership to test drive them. I had a great experience and in less than four hours I was driving off in my new car!

Now I just need to figure out a name for the new vehicle. The TARDIS was obvious – it was a blue box that looked bigger on the inside than the outside. This one I’m stumped on. Please send me your ideas!

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