Dress A Day May – Week 1

Last month, lots of my Instagram pals participated in All Dress April (#AllDressApril), where they wore dresses for the entire month of April. I didn’t notice it until a week in, so I didn’t want to be late to the party. However, Yvette from the Trashy Diva fan group on Facebook mentioned she’d be doing Dress A Day May (#DressADayMay), and that piqued my interest. I’ve been feeling a little funky lately (which you can probably tell via my posts), so to try and get myself out of the same-old fashion funk I’ve been in, I decided to participate.

So, here’s what I wore for the first week of #DressADayMay!

Monday –
I was sick at home, so no dress pic. I wore a nightgown, though. Does that count? LOL.

Tuesday –

Dress: Lady V London Lyra in paisley print
This is one of what I call my “pajama dresses”. It slides on over the head, ties in the back, and that’s it. It’s the perfect dress to wear when you are feeling a little icky. This print originally came in only long sleeves, but since it’s constantly warm here, I had it altered to short sleeves.

Wednesday –

Dress: ModCloth “Pretty on the Park Bench” dress
I’ve worn this dress all winter long, but the lightweight cotton fabric of this makes it perfect for warmer weather here as well. The ModCloth website says this is grey and black, but the color is actually more of a grey/lilac mix.

Thursday –

Dress: eShakti floral crepe wrap dress
I bought this last year close to fall and just don’t wear it as often as I should. One of the reasons I am doing this dress challenge is to force me to wear dresses that I don’t otherwise wear. I forget how easy this dress is to wear, and I really should wear it more this year.

Friday –

Dress – Trashy Diva Gia dress in Lovebirds
I know y’all were wondering when I was going to get to wearing my beloved TD dresses, LOL. I saved this for a special event that we had for work on Friday. This is another one I should wear more often – it feels amazing and I love the way it looks. I always think of it as being a “dressy” dress, though, and I need to break myself of this habit.

Saturday and Sunday –
Spent most of these days in bed, trying to recuperate from the cold I’d been fighting for the better part of a week. I did wear my other Lad V London Lyra dress to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Saturday night, but I didn’t get a picture.

Are you participating in the #DressADayMay challenge on Instagram? If so, feel free to follow me – my username is @theblackberrybelle!

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  1. I love all your dresses-so very colorful and very spirited motifs! Casual and care-free!