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Holy crap.  I feel like I haven’t stopped in the past few weeks.

So, here’s some updates:

For my 40th – yes, 40th – birthday, I told Doug I wanted to do an escape room at Clue Carre down in New Orleans with some of our friends.  I originally picked the Secret Agent room, but they were discontinuing that theme before we could get out there.  So we went with the Vampire Hunter room (if you know me, you’re probably rolling your eyes and saying “of course she did” because you know my affection for bloodsucking denizens of the night).  We escaped with just six minutes to spare – and apparently that’s pretty good!  Afterwards, we walked one block over to Singha – my favorite Thai place EVER – and all had dinner.  It was a good night.

The next weekend was the Ferrari and Venice art exhibition at NOMA – you can find pictures from that in the previous post.

I actually stuck around at home the next weekend, which I really needed to do because I had to start packing and prepping for CoastCon, which was last weekend!

CoastCon is always one of my favorite weekends, mostly because I get to see lots of my friends all weekend long. I always feel like going to CoastCon is like coming home, because I know so many people who attend. I’ve been working for the con again now for three years, but this is by no means the only convention I’ve ever worked. I started volunteering for cons back in 2001 when I met Doug, and I started out running the game room for Crescent City Con from 2001 until the final convention in 2005. (One month before Katrina.) Over those years I also helped work for CoastCon, from being the corporation’s secretary when Doug was chairman, to helping run registration and the hospitality suite. I even helped Doug with the convention website and forums for a while. However, life got really whacked out and I stepped away for a few years. We still attended and stayed in touch with friends, of course. However, I didn’t feel the call of working for the con again until 2014, when I ran for Member-At-Large and decided to start managing CoastCon’s social media accounts.

This year, I found that my position moved up from Social Media Manager to Media Relations Manager. Heh. This essentially means that if media – from newspapers, to local TV stations, to podcasts – shows up at the convention, I get to be the one to greet them, answer their questions, and occasionally do interviews. (It’s really not that big of a deal, I volunteered to do it my first year back and I’m just enough of a ham that I don’t mind.)

Doug and I always go up Thursday evening and leave Monday morning. This year, because I do social media, I was offered an opportunity to go to not just one, but TWO dinners with guests – once on Thursday night, and once on Friday night. Thursday night, I got to go to McElroy’s in Biloxi and hang out with some fellow con staff, the Fan Guests of Honor, and our Gaming Guests of Honor. Both Doug and I had a wonderful time, even though they did shun him at one point for removing the bacon from his baked potato. (And rightfully so. I don’t understand why he doesn’t like bacon.)

Friday, I got to do some of my social media stuffs, do an interview with WXXV, and then headed out to the other big guest dinner, where myself, our VIP attendee, and some con staff got to hang out with Michael Coleman and Oded Fehr. Yes, THAT Oded Fehr. Both Mr. Coleman and Mr. Fehr were a delight to talk to and be around. Very nice and really interesting to talk to, even if my nervousness (and the fact that this was the VIP attendees’ dinner) prevented me from chatting as much as I would have liked.

Saturday was spent helping the new Costume Contest Director, Jessica, with signups and prepping for the contest. After the contest was over, I started crashing HARD, but Doug and I managed to go to a really good pizza dinner with our friends Rachel, Dale, and Jimmy.

Sunday during the day was spent mostly figuring out what was going to happen with the General Membership Meeting (our annual corporate and shareholder meeting – everyone who purchases a membership to CoastCon is considered a shareholder of the non-profit corporation that puts the convention on every year), and then I attended the Dead Dog Party that evening. Which went from 30+ volunteers and staff hanging out and playing games in the hotel to about six or seven of us sitting around one table, talking gaming and convention stories, and having a few drinks. Even though I didn’t get to bed until two A.M., I had a thoroughly good time. It reminded me a lot of the old video rooms / room parties that I used to go to at older conventions, where fan groups or fans would open up their room for everyone to hang out, watch movies and TV shows, and sometimes drink. Okay, almost always drink. Our current hotel won’t allow us to host room parties, but I’m always down for a night of storytelling and laughter and a few drinks with friends. Always.

Monday morning, we headed back home, but halfway home, I was able to pull over and get tickets to see Depeche Mode in Chicago! I’m going to be heading up there to visit my friend Laurie and her husband Dan, and we’re going to spend a few days in Chicago to see the sights. Or eat all the food. Or both. Whatever.

The really exciting thing that I can announce?

Doug and I are Fan Guests of Honor for CoastCon 41 next year!

This’ll be my first (and possibly only) time that I’ll be a guest for a convention! I get to be all fancy and stuff. One of the things I need to start planning is what panels I’ll be doing. I think at least one of them is going to be on nerding out about things that might not necessarily be considered “nerdy”. Like bras or Trashy Diva dresses. LOL.

This weekend is DivaCon in New Orleans for all of the Trashy Diva fans. I originally was planning on going to the 80s/90s dance tonight, but my stomach had other ideas. 🙁 It’s fine, though – I actually really do need to relax and rest after the busy month I’ve had. I only have a couple of weeks, and then I’ll be heading off to CyPhaCon in Lake Charles with a friend, so I need to make sure I’m well-rested for that!

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