No resolutions!

So it’s a new year.  And, as always, everyone is all over the place posting their resolutions and plans and goals for 2017. The thing is, I’m really hesitant to call what I want to do this year “resolutions”.

I’ll be 100% honest – my willpower is poo. (I would not make a good Green Lantern.) I’m resolved as long as they’re not inconvenient. As soon as those plans start messing with my time or money, I drop them like a hot potato.

I really think I’d do better with setting short-term goals for myself. Instead of “I’m gonna do ALL THIS STUFF by the end of 2017!”, let’s try, “I want to do this one thing today.” Like today, I told myself I was going to drink at least 2 full glasses of water while I was at work, and I did. Woo hoo! Good job, me! Haha.

Tomorrow: drink 2 full glasses of water and walk around the office at least four times during the day (lunch doesn’t count). Movement is good, and I must admit, by the time I was done today, my butt was numb from sitting so much. To be fair, I WAS playing catch-up with being out of work for a week. However, I feel like I was super-productive today since I left with a clear inbox! Tomorrow is another story, since that’s when everyone is returning to work…

(Deep breaths, Karen. No need to stress until they’re something to stress about.)

The one major thing I want to do before the year is up is to volunteer my time and/or a charity or nonprofit (not counting CoastCon) to help others in need. I need to look at some local nonprofits or charities in New Orleans and see what’s available. I’d really like to do something to help local women and LGBTQIA+ people this year. However, I’m going to break this task up into the above-mentioned short-term goals in order to get myself there. My first goal to start on this will be to research local nonprofits this weekend. Perhaps I can convince some friends to join me, which would be nice.

On a fun note, another thing that I started doing was embracing my inner weeb and playing video games. Not just any video games, though…otome / visual novels. Games where the only thing that I need to do is read and make decisions. And yes, if you’re wondering, these DO include romance and dating sim games (no ecchi or hentai…I prefer to read my smut). I’ve become quite a fan of these after a friend got me hooked on Hatoful Boyfriend, which is a dating sim where you woo birds. Yep…birds. I know, it sounds weird, but I became 100% invested once I realized there was this super-elaborate backstory to the game, and I HAD to see it through. Anyway, I started watching playthroughs of these games on YouTube, then playthroughs of other non-romance games, and now I’m finally taking the plunge and starting to play games myself.

I started playing Hustle Cat yesterday. It’s a really cute dating sim, and I’ve already finished at least two of the routes and got three endings (including a bad one, oops). I really like it! I bought three games last week while the Steam sale was going on, so I’ve got a few to occupy my time. I’m finding that playing them is actually relaxing. If I need to go take care of some chores or something, I can just save it and pick up right where I left off. I’ve briefly entertained starting my own Twitch channel, but that takes SO MUCH time and effort that I’m not interested in investing right now. I’m just going to play and enjoy them for what they are.

So yeah. Those are my plans for this year. Here’s to making my personal 2017 a positive year.

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  1. Short term goals are ok, too! One day and one step at a time-this is what I am doing going forward in my life! I am right behind you!