GTFO 2016.

2016 is drawing to a close in just a couple of days.


Everyone’s been saying that all over FB and such for the past few days. Between the deaths of some well-loved figures and the election (UGHHHHHHHHH), we all are keenly aware of the depths of SUCK that this year has dragged us into.

On a personal note, 2016 has been a year of ups and downs for Doug and I. I feel incredibly lucky to end it on a high note, but I’m still breathing a sigh of relief that it is over. I’m looking forward to spending New Year’s Eve with friends and all of us collectively putting our boots in 2016’s rear end.

As for things I want to do in 2017…well, that’s a separate post.  You’ll probably see it by the end of the week.  Or the beginning of the next one.  🙂

On a happier note, check out this picture of Gizmo.


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