My circled catalog!

Did you ever circle what you wanted in a catalog in hopes that your mom would get it for you? My mom always used to get the JCPenney catalog before Christmas and we would circle the toys that we wanted so she would have an idea of what to get us for Christmas. I guess these days kids just send their parents their Amazon wish lists? (No joke, I do love the Amazon wishlist though. It takes all the struggle out of buying stuff for growing kids whose tastes change every year.)

This is what I’m circling in my online catalog. Here’s what’s on my fashion wishlist for the end of 2016:

Trashy Diva – Ashley in Wine Dotstrashydiva-ashley-winedots

TD re-released an old fan favorite print this week, Wine Dots. This print was originally released in a silk fabric, but they brought it back in their stretch rayon, which has been a hit with quite a few TD fans! The print hits all my 1940s “I want to dress like Peggy Carter” feels, and it goes well with a lot of colors – navy, mustard, forest green, taupe, and so on!

Lady Voluptuous – Estella in Oriental Flower (Black)


I saw this print this past summer on sale in the Ursula pencil dress, but sadly it was not available in my size. I noticed earlier this week that it has not only returned, but it is now available in the Estella style! The print is bright enough to wear in spring and summer, but the black background will enable me to pair it with sweaters, tights, and boots in cooler weather.

Elomi – Raquel bra and panty set


How gloriously retro is this style? It makes me think of serious 1950s bullet bras…without the bullets. And that stunning sapphire blue color with the beige sheer underneath is so pretty.

Chelsea Crew – Javitz heel in red (how about every color)


You may be asking me, “Karen, what the hell? Peeptoes in the winter?” My response you would be, “Yes, because it can easily be 70+ degrees during the winter here in Louisiana.” The heel doesn’t look like it’s going to kill me, and it comes in SO MANY COLORS. I’ve drooled over these red ones for months, but I would love to have any of the colors available.

Is there anything in particular you would like to see under the tree this year for you?  🙂

Real talk:

As much as I would love to see these things under the tree this year, I’m more looking forward to spending the holiday with Gizmo and Doug, our families, and simply enjoying some quiet time to reflect and hope for positive changes in 2017.

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