Whattsamatter? Chicken? – Trashy Diva Ruffled Feathers

Trashy Diva Ruffled Feathers Dress

I would visit my grandparents in Mississippi over the summers and I was always fascinated with watching Maw-Maw deal with the chickens in the backyard coop. I would stand outside the coop with her in the mornings while she got eggs. One time she asked me if I wanted fried chicken for dinner, and I said yes. I was thinking we would go into town and go get Popeye’s or something, since that was what I was used to. Nope. (Warning: vegans are gonna want to stop reading here.)

She went into the backyard, got one of the non-laying hens from the coop, and…um…made quick work of it. Plucked, cut it up, fried it up with flour and seasoning, and BOOM, fried chicken. When I had my little kid freak-out (OHMYGOSH MAW-MAW!), her response to me was, “Well, where do you think fried chicken comes from?” My Maw-Maw was a matter-of-fact woman.

Every time I wear my Trashy Diva Ruffled Feathers 1940s dress, I think that my Maw-Maw would get a laugh out of the fact that I’m wearing a dress with chickens on it.

Dress: Ruffled Feathers 1940s Dress by Trashy Diva
Cami (under dress): Cropped Bra Top/Cami by Niki Biki
Shoes: Classic Ballet Flat in Red by Old Navy
Flower: “Celestial Gardens” blue hydrangea piece by ChatterBlossom

This dress comes in a really amazing stretch rayon fabric. It’s smooth and extremely comfortable. It feels silky against the skin, but has a really good weight to it – not too heavy, not too light. The stretch is nice and allows it to move with you, which I like. As much as I love Trashy Diva, I’m not a huge fan of their plain rayons – they have no give, so I constantly feel like I need to be super-careful with them. Also, unless they put a major smocked panel in the dress (like they did with the Dorothy style), I tend to feel like I’m always straining the seams. The stretch rayons are SO much more comfortable for me to wear! Currently, the newest print, Venice Nights, comes in this delicious fabric, and I’m saving my pennies for one of those dresses. I’m hoping that Trashy Diva releases more styles in this fabric over time!

(Request to Trashy Diva: PLEASE bring back the Dorothy. Please? Okay I love you buh-bye.)

The print is really interesting – I think I heard that the design was based on a 1940s print. Everyone I know who has seen it on thinks it’s some kind of floral until I point out the fact that it’s chickens and feathers!

I originally got this dress in the Sweetie style, but I found that I wasn’t as in-love with the straighter skirt. I decided to switch to the 1940s Dress since it had more of a flared skirt, which I’ve found that I prefer. This is a classic style that Trashy Diva has been making for years, and it looks wonderful on everyone I’ve seen it on. I love the low back, and the front could easily be stitched or pinned if you don’t want to show off so much cleavage…but I like it with a cami underneath to cover up as well. One of the things I always tell people that I love about Trashy Diva is the fact that they take one print and make multiple styles with it, so it’s easy to find a style that will look great on you in a print you’ll love!

The Ruffled Feathers was the first time that I fell head-over-heels in love with a Trashy Diva dress…and as most of you know, it won’t be the last time. Head on over to their site to snag one of their classic styles in this fun print today, before it goes away!14

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  1. I love the ruffled feathers print! My Chinese zodiac sign is the rooster so I feel like this print was just perfect for me especially since my mom always refers to my sign as being the chicken! 🙂 Love hearing the story about how this dress reminds you of a time with your mom. My ruffled feathers dress does the same for me only different story 😉 Another gorgeous dress on you Karen! <3

    1. Thanks! I think this has to be my favorite TD print I own. I only have six dresses, really, but I ADORE this print. I’ve been tossing around the idea of getting a second dress with this – and I don’t do that, typically!