ChatterBlossom’s Flower of the Month Club

Chatterblossom's Flower of the Month Club

One of the things that I love about retro and vintage-inspired fashion is the HAIR. From pincurls and victory rolls, to bouffants and bumper bangs, retro hairstyles are just gorgeous. Adding a simple accessory can take these styles from casual to WOW really easily – especially a hair flower.

For months now, I’ve seen the gorgeous blooms that ChatterBlossom makes all over my Instagram and in the Trashy Diva fan groups on Facebook. Jamie, the owner of the shop, creates these stunning hairpieces from vintage millinery flowers. When she posted in the Trashy Diva fan group a few weeks ago, asking if people would be interested in joining her “Flower of the Month” club, I jumped at the chance!

Each piece I make has a name and a small story of its own and I love thinking about the person that will see or read and connect with it in some way and anticipate some small adventure in which it will play a part.

ChatterBlossom’s Flower of the Month Club offers an entire year of gorgeous hair accessories. Each month, Jamie will pick out a surprise hairpiece for you and ship it to your door! The packages come in assorted sizes and price levels, so whether you want to start with sweet and small pieces, or gigantic catch-your-eye larger ones, there’s something for all preferences.

Once you sign up, Jamie will send you an email containing a questionnaire, asking you about your color preferences and dislikes, what size pieces you prefer, how you typically wear your hair flowers, what kind of attachment piece you want, etc.  One thing she asks is if you have your eye on anything in her shop currently! If you have been looking at a piece for a while, you can tell her and she’ll do her absolute best to get them into your package choices.

When I signed up, I let her know of my preference for both blue hydrangeas and red dahlias. Both of these flowers have significant meaning to me, and represent my love for two very distinct people in my life.

When I was growing up, my grandmother had HUGE hydrangea bushes in front of her house in Mississippi – and they were the brightest blue. I was very close to my Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw growing up, and even though they’d passed away by the time I got married, I asked that the base of my bouquet be blue hydrangeas as a way to have them there for me on that day.

A few years back, I got my second tattoo – a bed of blue hydrangeas with my favorite quote from Desiderata – as a gift to myself on how far I’d come with accepting my body as it was. It means a lot to me and I like showing it off whenever possible.


My affinity for red dahlias are because of Doug’s dad who passed away a few years ago. When we spent a week with Doug’s parents in Scotland in 2007, Mr. Doug had these brilliant red dahlias in his backyard. I spent the better part of a morning taking pictures of his garden, but these red dahlias just kept drawing my eye. He had the most beautiful backyard garden. That entire trip was amazing, not only because I got to spend two weeks in England, Wales, and Scotland, but also because it was a wonderful and very happy time I got to spend with Mr. Doug and Mrs. Bobbye. Those dahlias represent that happiness to me.

Doug's parents' garden 14

I told Jamie about my preference for blue hydrangeas and red dahlias and why, and I let her know that I’d been eyeing the “Celestial Gardens” piece in all-blue hydrangeas. She said she would be happy to send me the hydrangeas as my first flower!

A little over a week later, she sent me my shipping information and told me my flowers were on their way!

A couple of days later, I found a small package in my mailbox from ChatterBlossom. The flower was packaged very nicely and carefully, and included a sweet card from Jamie about the piece! The fabric flowers are over 50 years old (whoa!) and she let me know to be careful with them and keep them away from water. (Note to self: check the weather before I wear these.)

The flowers and leaves have a small piece of soft felt behind them and have a small removable toothless alligator clip. There are two small slits in the felt, which allows you to remove the clip so you can style it on either side of your face. You can also remove the clip entirely and use different attachments, like a thin headband.

The flowers are a soft blue – really pretty. I think they could easily go with a lot of things in my closet, but I decided to wear them yesterday with my Trashy Diva Ruffled Feathers 1940s dress.

Chatterblossom Blue Hydrangeas hair pieceMy new ChatterBlossom flower goes well with the tattoo!  🙂

I am always concerned with hair flowers because I’m afraid that they won’t stay in my slippery, fine hair. My hair doesn’t hold curls very well, and by the end of the day it droops. Typically, most barrettes need some kind of grip to stay in my hair, because I constantly feel like they’re moving around. However, this stayed in my hair all day! I put it in at 6:30 AM and it stayed until I took it out close to 4:00 PM yesterday. It held up through me going to a lunch meeting, a doctor’s appointment, an oil change, and an impromptu outfit photography session in my backyard (which I was trying not to sweat my boobs off while doing, haha yeah right).

Trashy Diva and ChatterBlossom

I’m really happy with the quality of my first ChatterBlossom hairpiece, and I cannot wait to get more of them in the upcoming months! If you want to get your own gorgeous vintage hair flower or hairpiece, take a look at ChatterBlossom’s Etsy shop! You can also find Jamie’s floral pretties on Facebook and Instagram as well.

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  1. An absolutely gorgeous accent piece to your beautiful dress-and I love the red shoes! Stunning accessories!