To be sung to the tune of the Chia Pet song. If you don’t know what that is, then get your young lil’ rear over here and watch this. It’s goofy as hell, but that stupid song got stuck in your head like whoa.

Hello there, fashun friends! Today, we’re going to talk about pajama dresses.

No, pajama dresses are not like those weird “pajama jeans” things. (No lie, I’ve considered buying a pair just to wear around the house. Whatever, only God can judge me.) These are the dresses that are so comfy, they feel like pajamas…but you look really cute and pulled-together in them.

My two “Lyra” dresses from Lady Vintage are my pajama dresses.

Outfit details:
Left: Navy floral Lyra dress (no longer available), Lady Vintage
Burgundy NikiBiki cropped cami, Bra Genie (purchased in-store)
Right: Hummingbird print Lyra Dress, Lady Vintage
Beige NikiBiki cami, Bra Genie (purchased in-store)
Denim jacket, Old Navy (similar)
Oxfords, Modcloth (similar)

Lyra has a cross-over bust, with a flared skirt, and a sash waist that you can either tie in the back or wrap around to the front. This style, which was available in the summer, has short flutter sleeves. (They currently have their winter styles which have long sleeves up on their site right now.)

The cut in and of itself, is comfortable – but it’s the fabric that makes this style my one true pajama dress. It’s made from a flowy, lightweight fabric that is very soft, and stretches beautifully. Even though the website says it is a polyester/elastane blend, it was very breathable and comfortable over the sweltering summer here in Southern Louisiana.

The skirt is on the longer side – I guess you could call it a midi-length? Is that what the fashion world calls it now?  ~shrug~  On 5’4 1/2″ tall me, it comes right below my knees.  The skirt has a sort of 1950s flare – it would work nicely with a petticoat if you want more fullness.

The Lyra can only be found in the Lady Voluptuous line, which is a plus-only line that Lady Vintage teamed up with Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust to create.  You can get this style in UK sizes 16-32.  Keep in mind when ordering that UK sizes are different than US sizes!  Luckily, Lady Vintage will help you out.  If you go to their site and click the flag button right next to the “Sign In” link on the top right, you can choose what country you’re in and they will convert the sizes for you.  Easy peasy.  🙂

My absolute favorite thing about the Lyra dress style is the fact that I DON’T HAVE TO WEAR SHAPEWEAR WITH IT.


Praise indeed, Nicki.

For years now I have been an advocate of shapewear. I swore my allegiance to the one true Elomi Curve, which was the only shapewear I’d ever had that didn’t disintegrate after 5 wears (no love, Spanx). Not only that, it was the only one I’d found to flatten out my tum. I wore those high-waisted, thigh-shaping things to DEATH. Then this year I found out that Elomi discontinued the line.


I KNOW, RIGHT? I was devastated. I was about to start undertaking The Search to find another pair of shapewear that I could handle. However, two things happened. I bought my navy floral Lyra – AND – summer came around. I was like “It’s too damn hot to wear all this crap.” So I tried my Lyra on with just a thin pair of Jockey shorties and a tank top to cover all my boobicles at work and I was like:


~deep sigh~ YES.

So! Now you know what pajama dresses are. Every woman needs a pajama dress. They make you feel pulled together and cute as hell, but inside you totally feel like you’re wearing sweats and a comfy tee. If you are all about feeling this way, head on over to Lady Vintage and snag one of those Lyra dresses. Just FYI – the prints and such are only limited to certain seasons, so if you see something you really like, don’t hesitate!

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