Back to fashion!

Since getting really hardcore into vintage-inspired fashion over the past couple of years, I’ve tossed around the idea of blogging about fashion again. I’ve been really hesitant, though. I got so burned out the last time I tried to be a full-on fashion and beauty blog that I’m a little nervous to dip my toes in those waters again. However, my love for reading fashion blogs and such did not wane – in fact, it’s stronger than ever considering I’ve finally accepted who I am and what styles I prefer.

So I’m saying “to hell with my fears” and heading back into the fray!

One of the major reasons that I’m getting back into this is because I want to see more women like myself. I look through Instagram every night before I go to bed to get some ideas on how to put outfits together, to see what’s new and what I like. However, it’s really difficult to find women out there that are like me and into retro, vintage, and repro fashion. I’m almost 40, apple shaped, and over a size 20 – not what the internet tends to look for when you’re searching “plus size retro fashion”.

This is not to say that the hourglass curvy ladies don’t rock that shit, or that the 20-somethings don’t look amazing…because they DO. A lot of those women are my style icons when it comes to plus-size retro fashion (and if you look down on my sidebar, you will find links to ALL their blogs). However, I have to wonder if there’s other people out there like me – those who are not the typical “plus size” shape that the media loves to see; those who are intimidated at dressing like this because they’re afraid it’s “too young” for them; those who feel like they’re “too big” for retro/vintage inspired clothes. Well, I’m here to say “You’re not weird! It’s awesome and fun! JOIN ME! ONE OF US!”

I’ll be 100% up front – I probably won’t be able to blog every day, or even every other day – but I’m going to write about what I like and love. If I have the time to schedule posts during the week, fine. If not, oh well. ~shrug~

So please, come on back, pull up a chair, have some tea, and let’s chat about FASHUNS.

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