Photography: Around Mandeville.

On Good Friday, I spent most of my afternoon going around Mandeville, enjoying a day off, full of sunlight and blue skies.

My first stop was at the dog park with Gizmo, where he had the chance to run and play – in the mud. It had been raining most of the week, so there were a few spots around the trees where there were puddles and mud. He avoided them at first, but after a few minutes of playing with the other dogs, all thoughts of getting wet and muddy were forgotten.

After taking Gizmo home and giving him a well-needed bath, I headed back out to grab lunch and putter around old Mandeville to get some pictures. The first place I found was a small patch of swamp tucked away in a residential neighborhood.

One of my favorite places in Old Mandeville is the Dew Drop Inn, the oldest building in Mandeville. In the spring and the fall, concerts are held out here.

After that, I spent time getting pictures of old houses, which are pretty prevalent here. There are quiet a few abandoned homes, beautiful old homes that could really use some love, and old buildings that have been renovated through old Mandeville. Gardens and flowers were in bloom all over.

I spent some time on the Lakefront and took the time to play with my zoom lens and see how I could get some great shots with it.

I wrapped up with a few neat shots in front of my house.

It ended up being a really productive and fun day – even if I did end up getting slightly sunburned. I need to remember my sunscreen on sunny days like that. 🙂

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