The Nerdgirl Report: Miitomo.

This week, Nintendo released Miitomo, their phone app for iOS and Android in the US and UK.  It has been out in Japan for a few weeks now. It’s sort of a social network, but with your own personal Mii, a little cartoon avatar of yourself. I downloaded it Friday night, and I have to say – it’s really addictive, very cute, and VERY fun!

You start off by creating a Mii, a little virtual avatar of yourself. You can make it look just like you, or make it look as crazy as possible. (If you have a Wii, you’re familiar with the Miis.) You give it a nickname, and can even customize it’s little voice and personality.

Your Mii will ask you questions about yourself, which you can answer or skip if you choose. The answers will be delivered to your friends’ Miis, who will tell them all about you. You can “heart” a friend’s answer, and even comment. Commenting is cute, because the Miis actually speak the comments, much like a little conversation!

Adding friends is a matter of adding someone in person, or knowing someone via Twitter or Facebook. You connect your Miitomo account to Twitter and FB, and it pulls up who’s on Miitomo and is also connected. You can then submit a friend request, and that person can decide whether or not to add you. You can also add someone via a face-to-face method, which I haven’t had a chance to try yet. If your friends have made their lists public, you can also submit a request to a friend of a friend, but it’s entirely up to that person whether they want to add you or not.

You start off with your Mii wearing a white tee and grey sweatpants. Kind of blah, yeah, but don’t fret…there’s a shop where you can get some pretty swag clothes for your Mii. But there’s a catch…the clothes all cost coins to purchase.

Miitomo coin pricesWhen you first sign in, and for the first seven days, Nintendo is handing you stuff all day every day – coins for answering, coins for commenting, coins for just logging in. With all those freebies, you can get a couple of new outfits pretty much right off the bat the first day, and if you pinch your pennies, you can get a couple of new outfits that first week. HOWEVER – the coins you can get per day for comments and answers are limited, and after those first seven days…bye-bye, newbie bonuses. So how do you keep your Mii looking awesome and trendy? You have to buy Miitomo coins through the store! Remember, kids, most “free” apps are never truly free. Nintendo has to make money from this SOMEHOW.

Don’t fret, though! Apparently there is a “daily bonus” login, where you can get anything from game tickets to coins if you just log in every day, so if you just save your little Mii allowance, you can get some pretty cute things. You can also use all those daily bonus game tickets you get to play Miitomo Drop, a cute themed pachinko-type game with your game tickets where you can get things like flower dresses, cat accessories, or bread hats. Or do like me and buy stuff that you can mix and match. 😛

I must admit, the temptation for me to buy a few thousand coins is pretty strong – just because I love playing dress-up with my Mii.


Because of my favorite thing about Miitomo – Miifoto.

Miifoto allows you to put yourself – and your Mii friends – into random pictures where you’re doing cute, funny, or weird things. I think I’ve spent more time making these dang pictures than anything else – more than a few of them including my friends.

You can also take a photo off of your phone and use it as a background, which is awesome if you’re making a reaction meme, or just making silly pictures. A lot of Miitomo users have been using them to make memes, which I find hilarious.

This silly, cute, and most of all fun little app has kept me company this weekend while I’ve been laying on the couch and in bed fighting this cold. More than a few people have mentioned on Twitter that they would love it if the next big update would allow people to customize your little Mii house/apartment (hoo boy, if that happens, I am in TROUBLE)!

I look forward to seeing what Nintendo adds to the Miitomo app as time goes on!

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