Photography: The Back Yard.

A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling particularly uninspired and particularly “meh” about my photography. I was in a creative funk and just didn’t feel “good enough” to do anything.

However, I’m lucky enough to work with a really great group of creative people, namely my coworker Tony, who’s an amazing graphic designer. While I was out to lunch with him and J.R. that week, we were talking about assorted things, and Tony dropped a major truth bomb on my head:

The only way you’re going to improve in what you do – whether it’s your job or your hobby – is to keep doing it.

The thought didn’t sink into my head right away, but that Saturday morning, as I was sitting around lamenting the fact that I didn’t have anything to do, they exploded back into my brain. (That’s the thing about truth bombs – sometimes they have delayed detonations.) I decided then and there to pick up my camera and go find something interesting in my back yard to take pictures of, even if it was just a single thing.

Anything can be fascinating from the right perspective.

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