The Nerdgirl Report: Batman vs. Superman.

Doug and I went to go see Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice yesterday afternoon. Here’s my Nerdgirl Report on the movie. I do delve into ideas and such that have been touched upon in the trailers, so if you absolutely have been 100% in the dark about any news and haven’t seen any trailers, then you’ll be a bit spoiled by this. Sorry.

1) I’m so very tired of Bats and Supes. Seriously. They’ve been rebooted and remade and redone to death. And did we REALLY need to rehash the whole “this is how Bruce Wayne’s parents died and how he became the Batman” thing AGAIN? I feel like most people, even non-comic book readers, know the general story behind Bruce Wayne and Batman these days. I could be totally wrong, though, so feel free to comment if you’re one of those people.

2) The beginning of the movie does touch on something that people don’t typically think about: what happens to the little people on the ground during a superhero battle? We know the villains don’t give a damn about life…but the heroes do, and even though they may try their best, destruction almost always happens. Look at the final battle between Superman and Zod in “Man of Steel” (which is referred to in this movie). The pushback from humans who are tired of being caught in the crossfire is even happening in Marvel movies – it’s a catalyst in Captain American 3: Civil War. Yeah, no one wants to think about these things, I know. These movies are supposed to provide us with an escape from everyday life, blah blah blah. But it poses one of the most interesting moral questions – exactly how many lives are okay to spend to save the world? And do these characters feel remorse for those lives lost?

3) Lex Luthor.  ~sigh~ I like Jesse Eisenberg, I do. He’s a great actor. He’s been in a lot of good movies. But that Lex Luthor…was not Lex Luthor. I always saw Lex as extremely intelligent, cold, calculating, determined, and yes, evil. This Lex was psychopathic and…twitchy? This would not be a Lex that would end up as President of the United States one day. I think they could have done so much more with the character.

4) Everyone poo-pooed on Ben Affleck as Batman. I think Ben Affleck made a GREAT Bruce Wayne/Batman. He worked well with Jeremy Irons’ Alfred, he got all swole and kicked ass as Batman, and he looked good and did billionaire stuff as Bruce Wayne. What more do you want? STFU, haters. Lay off Ben Affleck.


5) Two words:

I love Diana Prince. If there was any princess I wanted to be as a child, it was Princess Diana of Themiscyra. I had a Wonder Woman doll and Underoos when I was a kid. My mom would wake me up from my afternoon nap to watch Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in the afternoons on TV. So you bet your sweet bippy that I cheered when I saw Gal Gadot show up on screen in all her badass Amazon warrior glory. I’m 150% looking forward to her movie coming out in 2017.


There’s been a really large push recently by Marvel fans – and comic book movie fans in general – to get a large budget female-led superhero movie out there, and I’m glad to see DC stepping up to the plate and doing it.  A lot of Marvel fans (myself included) are kind of sad to see that they won’t be stepping up to the plate until Captain Marvel, which isn’t planned for release until around 2019.  Come on, Marvel…3 years from now is way too long to wait for that, even if it will be awesome to see Carol Danvers on the big screen.

So that’s my thoughts on the Wonder Woman prequel…errr, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Did you see it yet?  What did you think?  Feel free to talk with me about it in the comments, or on Twitter!


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