One week until I head to bed and wake up at 4:00 and fly to Peoria to see L. My paycheck is going to hate me later…but I NEED this trip.

I feel old and dragged down and drained, both mentally and physically. I want to feel young again. I need to take a road trip, sing along to the radio with a girlfriend, take stupid pictures and selfies and snapshots with my film cameras. I want to wear dresses and tights and boots and say “nope” to acting my age. I want to act like I’m 25 instead of 38 and not worry about people judging me. I want to watch Crimson Peak and make inappropriate comments about naked Tom Hiddleston to a friend after the show.

I want to come back rejuvenated, my creativity sparked, my mind clear and ready to take on whatever it throws at me – whether its work or personal stuff.

Come on. Just one week.

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  1. I completely understand-we are right behind you! Need a trip that is not a whirlwind to plan and execute.