I’m pretty damn proud of myself. I built a freaking camera. I built a WORKING camera. πŸ˜€

A few weeks ago, I purchased the Konstruktor SLR camera kit with accessories from Lomography. I’d been tossing around the idea of buying it since I started hanging around the Lomography website, so I finally jumped in the water and bought it. It took me about three – four hours to put everything together. I worked on the accessories (magnifying chimney hood and two extra lenses) on Friday night, and the camera itself on Saturday morning. The light chamber comes preassembled, but instructions on putting it together is included in the book, so you could feasibly take it apart and put it back together if there’s an issue.

I loaded a roll of expired Fuji Superia 800 film in the camera and brought it to work to get some shots around Hammond.

(Thanks to J.R. for getting the snazzy shot of me at work!)

A few things about this camera:
– The viewfinder is a waist-level viewfinder. It’s also a mirror of what you are looking at, so it took me a little bit to get used to. You can see what’s in the viewfinder clearly, even in bright outdoor light. I’m going to try using the chimney hood next time to gauge the difference.
– The aperture is set at f/10, and the default shutter speed is 1/80, so keep that in mind when you’re shooting. Since I was using expired film, I made sure to get pictures outside in bright sunlight. Pictures I took indoors didn’t come out at all. I think you definitely need a flash while indoors, and especially at night. The camera does have a Bulb setting for long exposures, and I want to try that out next time.
– One of the big problems I had was that I got the lenses mixed up for the chimney hood viewfinder and the close up lens. Because of that, I scratched up the close-up lens a good bit. I think they should label the lenses a little better.
– The instruction manual is a little vague about putting things together. However, Lomography’s YouTube channel has multiple videos showing you exactly what you need to do to put the camera together. I would not have been able to do it without the help of these videos. I think they need to rewrite the instructions in more detail.

My next purchase from Lomography will probably be the Fritz the Blitz flash, the Konstruktor F with flash socket, and the Konstruktor flash kit. I’m really eager to play with this camera more to see what it can do! Check out my favorite pictures that I took with it in Hammond:

My Lomography and analog adventures continue…

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