Review – Elomi “Etta”

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Since leaving my job as a bra fitter, I’ve tried my best to stay in touch with new styles in the brands I love. Elomi has consistently been releasing new styles that run the gamut of basic to fun fashion prints, and one that I’ve been eyeing for a while was the Etta. When Abigail from offered to send me one to review, I eagerly accepted! was kind enough to send me the beige Etta and matching bottoms.

Yes, that’s right, I got the Etta in “nude”. If you know me, this is a BIG DEAL. Since I wear a lot of patterns and colors, I tend to gravitate towards fun, bright, or rich colors in my bras. Honestly, the only beige bra I have in my drawer is my Elomi strapless. However, I’ve been wearing a few light-colored tees and such and wanted something that would work with those.

The Company: is the sister website of The Enchantress, a bra fitting salon located in San Diego, California. The company carries sizes from from a D to an N, and band sizes from a 28-54. That’s a great size range! When I poked around the website, I found that they had a good filter to narrow down what sizes, brands, and colors you prefer. They seem to carry a good bit of Eveden – mostly Freya, Fantasie, and Elomi – but they also carry Panache, Parfait by Affinitas, Curvy Kate, and other brands. They carry lingerie, swimwear, shapewear, and some sleep / loungewear as well. Most of the items I found online seemed to be continuity styles, but it seems that they’ve added more fashion styles to the website since I looked there last, so they are definitely updating their stock on a regular basis.

The Details:
ETTA-NUDE-UNDERWIRED-BANDLESS-PETITE-BRA-8840-SHORT-8846-FThe Elomi Etta was specially designed for the petite frame. This is really great because a lot of plus-size companies tend to be under the impression that larger women are also taller women – which is totally not true (ahem, Lane Bryant). The things that Elomi took into account are: no banding on the bottom of the cup, and lower underwires on the sides.

The Etta also comes with a really great feature – a hook on the back straps to convert the bra to racerback! Elomi introduced this feature a couple of years ago with the Rita, and it’s gone over very well. Just remember – you HAVE to loosen up the straps so it won’t dig into your shoulders! You can also move the clip up and down on the straps, so you can adjust where it hooks depending on how your top is designed or your comfort level – and if you push the hook up higher, it allows you to hook it yourself.

The cups are made out of a lovely matte simplex fabric, and the top of the cup is tulle with delicate floral embroidery. There is a keyhole in the center of the bra, which is a cute and fun little detail.

Etta comes with a matching panty in a cute cheeky short.

My Review:
A couple of weeks before I got this bra, I’d gone to Bra Genie and bought the Nina in a 36 GG, which fits perfectly. So when I ordered the Etta, I stuck with that same size since they were similar in design. This is the perfect example of WHY trying bras on is so important! The styles are similar but the fits are totally different. The cups were perfect, but the band was SO tight. I wore it a few times and ended up having to remove it after an hour because it was so painful! I put a bra extender on it and it feels great now. I think this is more due to the fact that I am more like a 37, so 36s can be a little too tight and 38s tend to be too big.

As someone who is right on the cusp of the “petite” height (5’4”), I can tell you that there really needs to be more plus sized petite bra options out there. The lower wires on the sides are really great! I can’t tell you how many bras I love that I can’t wear because the wires are so high and dig into my armpits (I’m looking at you, Panache and Parfait).

ETTA-BLACK-UNDERWIRED-BANDLESS-PETITE-BRA-8840-SHORT-8846-B-2The fabric is light, soft, and comfortable – great for the sweltering Louisiana heat. The racerback feature is great for cute summer tops. I can easily wear the racerback, but if it’s too close to my neck it kind of digs in after a long time (6+ hours). It’s much more comfortable when I have someone pull it down and hook it near the center of the straps. The color of the fabric is the standard “nude”, which is just beige. I hate calling beige bras “nude” because what’s nude for my white fair skin tone is not nude for someone who has darker skin. Dear Lingerie Companies: please start making “nude” bras in different skin tones for EVERYONE! #DiversityInLingerie

When you look at the center of the Etta in pictures, it gives the impression that it’s a little bit of a plunge, but it isn’t – it’s more full-coverage. So I have to be aware of that when I wear it with low-cut tops.

I got the matching panties in the same size as the shorts in the Nina – and they are too small! ~cries~ They are definitely lower on the hip, so if you love low-slung or “hipster” bottoms, you’ll like these. The back of the panty is all sheer, which combined with the cheeky short, is a little sexy. However, the fabric does not a lot of stretch to them, so if you prefer your undies a little less snug, size up! I really should have gotten them a size bigger. I’ll probably order a new size soon, since I prefer matching sets.

Etta is a continuity style, which means Elomi is carrying the beige and black on a regular basis, and will be introducing fashion colors in upcoming seasons. This is a really great basic style, and I look forward to getting more wear out of it! I also plan to keep an eye out on the Getbras website to see what new styles they offer as the seasons go on!

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