My eShakti addiction.

I have a confession to make – I have an eShakti addiction.

I’ve been ordering dresses from this website since last year, and HOLY CRAP IN A HAT if this isn’t the best damn site to order clothes from.  I’ve had to replace quite a few of my clothes since I lost weight (all due to a serious illness and a hospital stay back in November of last year), and this site has become my favorite.  I have spent hours window shopping, planning my next purchase.

Another way you know I take this company seriously?  I actually read every email I get from them.  Considering most of the emails I get go right into spam or the trash, that is high praise indeed.

These are the three eShakti dresses that I have sitting in my closet right now.  I actually would have had more, but I changed size, so I either gave them to someone, or sold them off in order to buy more dresses.

So some of you might be headed over there and looking at the site and saying “50 bucks or more for a dress…you must be nuts!”  I know – believe me, I know – but this company is different.

My reasons, let me show you them:

  • Full customization.  For the price of $7.50 per item, you can customize your dress.  Sizing wise, you have two choices – pick from a standard size chart OR provide all of your measurements and get your clothes custom sized.  For that same price, you can usually adjust the hem height, and sometimes even the sleeve length or the neckline.  So if that cute little cap-sleeved dress is calling to you, but you hate showing off your upper arms, change it to elbow length.  That top is cut for work but the neckline is too low?  Bring it a little higher.  Not keen about that skirt showing off your knees?  Lower the hem.  They even ask you for your height to make sure that the length is perfect!  My seamstress charges more than $6.50 to hem a pair of pants, so this is a STEAL FOR REALS.  Did I mention that the with your first order customization is free?
  • Fabric.  Most dresses I get in stores are heavy polyester blends that just trap heat and make me sweat in the Louisiana summer.  eShakti has a lot of all-cotton styles that I can wear year-round – with sandals in the summer and a sweater and boots in the winter.  I’m all for year-round dresses.
  • Styles.  You’ll notice a lot of retro-inspired shapes, lots of classic shapes like fit-and-flare and sheath dresses.  I love the retro look these days, and I find that a good fit-and-flare really flatters just about every body type.
  • Coupons and Sales.  I may be okay with paying for quality, but that doesn’t mean I won’t look for a good deal.  When you sign up on the site for the first time, you get a $30 coupon, and they almost always have good sales going.  You can frequently find a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” sale, or a 30% off sale.
  • Last but most certainly NOT least – POCKETS.  Almost all of their dresses and skirts have good deep pockets.  I can fit keys, my phone, a lipstick, and a small wallet in the pockets and the dress doesn’t look bunchy or weighed down.  No purse needed!  You can remove the pockets if you like, but why would you?

The only drawback – shipping.  Since the clothing is essentially custom-made in India, getting next-day shipping isn’t an option.  I usually get my dresses in about two weeks, and all items are shipped via DHL.

For those concerned, I was pleased to find out that eShakti is NOT a sweatshop.  From their About page:

eShakti’s covenant with its customers is this: we will never allow anything that is opposed to human dignity or the laws of the land where we operate.

They don’t employ children, they pay their employees a decent wage to provide for their families, and they take care of their people both here and in the US.  I can order dresses and clothes without funding terrible working conditions.  I appreciate eShakti being up front with their customers’ concerns.

I honestly can’t recommend this company enough.  All of my eShakti dresses have landed me compliments from random strangers, and every time someone asks me where I got it, I find a piece of paper and write it down for them.

Oh, and my next purchase?  It’s a toss-up between these three:

That navy and orange floral spray dress is the current front-runner…your thoughts?

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  1. I think the floral one in the middle would make your silhouette look taller, but I also love the whimsy of the bicycle dress! BTW-the green dress above is my absolute favorite on you!