More. Creative.

I’ve been sitting here on the couch, working on what I want to say on this blog.  I’ve gone over the site design I don’t know how many times, trying to come up with something fresh.  I went from a self-hosted site back to WordPress, and I’m thinking about going back to self-hosted again.  I’ve thought about how I want to put myself out there online, my branding, and thought about whether or not I needed a “brand”.

Back in November, I had two very good friends come and stay with me for a couple of weeks.  I met these wonderful ladies through Tumblr, and through both Facebook and Tumblr, they became very good friends of mine.  Our friendship got even stronger over those few weeks, and when they were here, we talked about writing.  They are published authors, and I mentioned my former love of creative writing.

I took classes in high school, and majored in English/Journalism in college.  For some reason, though, life took its toll, and I stopped writing.  I would attempt to keep a diary but would end up tossing them out after they sat on my shelves and collected dust.  Then in the early 2000s I found myself intrigued by the idea of blogging.  Over time, though, I became unfocused and burned out.  I tried to keep it up by writing about fashion and beauty, but that only served to make me more tired of doing it.  I tried to turn my blog into a business, and it failed because I lost the passion for it.

Hanging out with C and L, though, sparked that fire in me again.

The previous weekend, I was sitting with friends around the table, and I was talking about my job.  One of the people I was talking to asked why I didn’t want to go work for a larger company, with more benefits and more money.  I explained that I love what I do, and I love the company I work for and the people I work with.  Not only that, but I realized as I got older that my quality of life is so much more important to me than making lots of money.  I’ve worked jobs that pay a considerable amount, but I’ve gone home and cried every day, gone to work nauseated because of stress, and had bosses that didn’t appreciate what I did.  I’d rather work for someone who understands that life is more than your job, that a hard day’s work should make you feel accomplished rather than totally drained, and that family comes first.

I turned 38 on Saturday, and I’ve really determined this year to be more creative.  I’ve picked up writing again, and I plan on grabbing a camera and learning more about photography on my 38th year on this planet.  For too long I have let my creative side languish.

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