Diversity In Lingerie: why we need lingerie lovers of ALL sizes!

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about Diversity in Lingerie over the past few days. June from Braless in Brasil started the movement – see her post here!

I’ve been thinking a lot about how diversity is lacking in lingerie (well, in a lot of other areas too but this is my area of expertise). It’s extremely rare to see women of color, older women, women with disabilities, women with tattoos, women with scars/stretch marks or women with the wrong body types*.

Blogging helps to some extent, but still the vast majority of us bra bloggers out there are young, white, and relatively attractive. As a mother in her 30s, I know I’m one of the older ones and one of the very few who has a significant amount of loose skin, stretch marks etc. It’s ironic because the women with the most buying power tend to be older and it’s not like women of color or ones that don’t fit in the common “standard of beauty” don’t want lingerie either!

It’s time we take a stand against this.

From now on, if you want to join me take a picture of yourself (can be with or without your face, in lingerie or clothes- whatever you feel comfortable with!) and somehow fit in the hashtag #DiversityInLingerie. You’re welcome to either post it on twitter with the hashtag or email me and I’ll put it up in a post on my blog. Starting today (August 21st) other bloggers will becoming out with their own posts and pictures so check back to this post for the links! I’ll post them as they come out.

I’d encourage women of ALL walks of life and appearance to join in. By participating you can show the lingerie industry that, yes, you’d buy lingerie from a diverse group of models, not just the ones currently shown. I want to be clear that this is nothing against the body types currently shown and I don’t want to get into a “real women” debate. We’re all real women. I just want a bigger pool of models so that ALL women can see someone like them and say “hey, she looks like me and that bra looks awesome on her, it could look awesome on me too!”.


I couldn’t agree more.

Day in and day out, I see so many women come into the store. Women of all ages, colors, sizes, and shapes. Women with real breasts, augmented breasts, reduced breasts, reconstructed breasts. I’m thrilled to help them find something that they want – something comfortable, something sexy, something that supports and fits better than anything they’ve ever had. I must admit, though, that I really love helping a “rubenesque” woman who’s been under the impression that she is destined to live in the land of white/beige/black bras for her entire life. Because I was that woman, not too long ago.

I’ve said many, many times on this blog that I believe that everyone – regardless of size, shape, or age – deserves to look their best. I most certainly believe that when it comes to lingerie too. As much as I love the fuller-figured lingerie blogs I follow, they tend to be a 34-36 band. Me? I’m a 38 G, sometimes 40 FF depending on the brand. Where are the larger lingerie lovers?

I want to put myself out there right this moment. I want to let the fuller figured ladies – the 38, 40, 42 bands and up – know that YES you can have gorgeous underthings, and YES you deserve to feel damn sexy no matter what, and YES I have big thighs and a round belly and stretch marks and chunky arms and I wear sexy underpinnings EVERY FREAKING DAY AND YES THAT INCLUDES THE MATCHING PANTIES.

So…there I am, in my bathing suit, big thighs and arms and all. And I would love to see more ladies like me showing off their lingerie. If you’re not comfortable putting pictures of yourself in your bra up on the internet (hey, I’m not), then you can still talk about your love for pretty underthings and discuss what works best for you. Because if I would have known years ago that there was more than the old Lane Bryant standard, I would have made the leap into lingerie years ago. As it stands, I’m glad I did, and I’m glad I work in a place where I can be an example for those fuller figured women coming in every day.


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