Vacation Photo Post.

Relaxing on the back porch after a morning at the beach. #vacation

My life has been kind of ho-hum since my vacation. A few weeks back, my mother and I spent most of the week visiting my uncle Bamm and his partner, Tom, in Panama City Beach. They had to work during the day – so we kept ourselves busy by sitting outside with our coffee in the mornings, or spending time with their pups…

Good morning!  #vacation

This is Cosmo.  He's blind in both eyes.  He's one of the sweetest pups you'll ever know and loves snuggling and being petted.  #dogsofinstagram

…checking out the open-air mall and eating at places I haven’t seen in years…

HOLY CRAP IT'S A SCHLOTZKY'S.  I haven't seen one of these in years. #vacation

…driving down to Seaside and down 30A…

Stopped in Seaside to stretch our legs and get a bit of dessert.  #vacation

Scrub and beach at #Seaside.  I'm rapidly becoming obsessed with that place. #vacation

Lunch at Bud and Alley's!  #seaside #vacation

Mom enjoys our day out in #Seaside.  #vacation

…floating and sitting by their pool, or sitting in the hot tub (that was all Mom)…

If y'all need me, this is where you can find me for the next few days.  #vacation #family

Sunny!  #vacation

Mom is "too hot in the hot tub".  LOL.  #vacation

…and spending one morning on the beach.

Good morning!  #beach #vacation

Our vantage point from our seats.  #beach #vacation

Mom chillin' at the #beach.  #vacation
Check out Mom’s great Fantasie swimsuit! I wonder where she got that. Heh.

Heck yeah #beach day.  #vacation
I wore my Elomi swimsuit for my beach day. I adore it.

Stretching toward the sky.

Our evenings were either spent eating good cooking that Bamm made, or going out for dinner with them and their friends. We also checked out the small church they attend, which is very nice and comfortable. I adored the group, and I said more than once that if there was a church with fellowship like that in Mandeville, I would totally attend!

I have some more pictures that I need to pull off of my camera…so there will be a few more pics coming in the next few days…including a review of my Elomi Swim suit!

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  1. Great pictures & a truly great vacation, one of the most relaxing I’ve ever had – and we’re doing it again next year! Had a wonderful time with family, friends and loved the fellowship at brother’s church! Glad we were able to be “fortified” during that time, so we could both deal with issues at hand when we got back home.