Photo Post: A Day At The Faire!

I adore Ren Faires. I love pulling out all of my garb and getting dressed up. I love getting to the festival site early and watching the staff and cast put on the opening show. I love walking around on a cool, crisp day, enjoying the sun on my face while I peruse stalls of jewelry, clothing and accessories, and gadgets and toys. I love sitting on a bench, watching the assorted performers. I love stopping under a tree and eating faire food – everything from a Scotch Egg, to gyros, to chicken skewered on a stick and roasted. I love seeing my friends out and about with me. However, I do not love when the sun is setting and I am making my way back to my car, hat in hand, ready to make the trip back home and to real life. I am sad to unbuckle my belt and unlace my bodice, because I know I won’t be back for another year.

Is it terrible that I’m 35 years old and I want to run away with the rennies? Is it awful that I would rather spend my weekends dressed in my best garb, sitting in one of those stalls and interacting with patrons? Traveling from faire to faire, like gypsies of old, wearing brightly colored skirts and carrying coins in my belt pouch…spending my evenings with friends sitting around campfires, drinking mead and laughing. I know it’s totally not realistic. I am fully aware that these lovely people work extremely hard – they are constantly on the road, trying their absolute best to make things work and make sales. I’m completely romanticizing their lifestyle, and I know it’s wrong of me. I honestly mean no offense…it’s just a daydream.

Wouldn’t we all love to take off with a couple of suitcases full of clothing and just go? Rent an RV and travel, or hop on the train and see something other than the same thing every day? Maybe that’s why I dream about running away with the renaissance faire. Sadly, it is only a dream, for I am a responsible adult in today’s society.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to do laundry.

Paolo Garbonzo doing his fire juggling / eating tricks.  #renfaire #larf

Glassblowing demo.  #renfaire  #larf

Allison and I in garb!  #renfaire  #larf

This girl in a wheelchair had the cutest fall faerie outfit.  #renfaire #larf

What a gorgeous afternoon. Time for bagpipes and drums!  #renfaire #larf

Haggis Rampant!  #renfaire #larf

Strolling through the shops and tents.  Snapped this while grabbing a bite to eat. #renfaire #larf

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