GTFO 2016.

2016 is drawing to a close in just a couple of days. THANK THE BABY JEBUS. Everyone’s been saying that all over FB and such for the past few days. Between the deaths of some well-loved figures and the election (UGHHHHHHHHH), we all are keenly aware of the depths of SUCK that this year has dragged us into. On a personal note, 2016 has been a year of ups and downs for Doug and I. I feel incredibly lucky to end it on a high note, but I’m still breathing a sigh of relief that it is over. I’m looking forward to spending New Year’s Eve with friends and all of us collectively putting our boots in 2016’s rear end. As for things I want to do in 2017…well, that’s a separate post.  You’ll probably see it by the end of the week.  Or the beginning of the next one. […]

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My circled catalog!

Did you ever circle what you wanted in a catalog in hopes that your mom would get it for you? My mom always used to get the JCPenney catalog before Christmas and we would circle the toys that we wanted so she would have an idea of what to get us for Christmas. I guess these days kids just send their parents their Amazon wish lists? (No joke, I do love the Amazon wishlist though. It takes all the struggle out of buying stuff for growing kids whose tastes change every year.) This is what I’m circling in my online catalog. Here’s what’s on my fashion wishlist for the end of 2016: Trashy Diva – Ashley in Wine Dots TD re-released an old fan favorite print this week, Wine Dots. This print was originally released in a silk fabric, but they brought it back in their stretch rayon, which has […]

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Warning: Real Talk.

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. It figures that I decided to ramp up my fashion blogging again and then stop. Seems like that’s par for the course with me and blogs, haha. There’s a pretty serious reason for it, though. We found out just a few days after my last post that Doug is going to be losing his job. The business that he works at is closing its doors. There are a TON of other factors about the business closing that I don’t want to go into detail about in public, but let’s just say that it took us both by surprise. Doug losing his job is not a new thing for us. We’ve been here before more than once. This time it’s WAY different because of my health issues. The last time, I didn’t know I was diabetic or that I had Hashimoto’s. Now I take […]

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Whattsamatter? Chicken? – Trashy Diva Ruffled Feathers

Trashy Diva Ruffled Feathers Dress

I would visit my grandparents in Mississippi over the summers and I was always fascinated with watching Maw-Maw deal with the chickens in the backyard coop. I would stand outside the coop with her in the mornings while she got eggs. One time she asked me if I wanted fried chicken for dinner, and I said yes. I was thinking we would go into town and go get Popeye’s or something, since that was what I was used to. Nope. (Warning: vegans are gonna want to stop reading here.) She went into the backyard, got one of the non-laying hens from the coop, and…um…made quick work of it. Plucked, cut it up, fried it up with flour and seasoning, and BOOM, fried chicken. When I had my little kid freak-out (OHMYGOSH MAW-MAW!), her response to me was, “Well, where do you think fried chicken comes from?” My Maw-Maw was a […]

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Flutterby! – eShakti wrap dress

eShakti Flutter Sleeve Floral Print Crepe Wrap Dress

It’s been a while since I purchased anything from eShakti. As much as I was madly obsessed with their clothes a while back, for some reason I just wasn’t feeling a lot of their new styles, especially since I’d started really wearing a lot more retro-inspired items. I decided to give them another chance at the end of September when I received a coupon in my email. To my delight, I found that they’ve added quite a bit of items that have a definite retro vibe! I decided to go with this really adorable flutter-sleeve crepe wrap dress. Dress: Flutter-sleeve floral print crepe wrap dress (no longer available. Sadface.) – eShakti Shoes: Oxfords (similar) – Modcloth I am IN LOVE with this dress. It’s so feminine and pretty! The flutter sleeves are so cute, and I love that this is a true wrap dress. The print on the dress is […]

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ChatterBlossom’s Flower of the Month Club

Chatterblossom's Flower of the Month Club

One of the things that I love about retro and vintage-inspired fashion is the HAIR. From pincurls and victory rolls, to bouffants and bumper bangs, retro hairstyles are just gorgeous. Adding a simple accessory can take these styles from casual to WOW really easily – especially a hair flower. For months now, I’ve seen the gorgeous blooms that ChatterBlossom makes all over my Instagram and in the Trashy Diva fan groups on Facebook. Jamie, the owner of the shop, creates these stunning hairpieces from vintage millinery flowers. When she posted in the Trashy Diva fan group a few weeks ago, asking if people would be interested in joining her “Flower of the Month” club, I jumped at the chance! Each piece I make has a name and a small story of its own and I love thinking about the person that will see or read and connect with it in […]

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To be sung to the tune of the Chia Pet song. If you don’t know what that is, then get your young lil’ rear over here and watch this. It’s goofy as hell, but that stupid song got stuck in your head like whoa. Hello there, fashun friends! Today, we’re going to talk about pajama dresses. No, pajama dresses are not like those weird “pajama jeans” things. (No lie, I’ve considered buying a pair just to wear around the house. Whatever, only God can judge me.) These are the dresses that are so comfy, they feel like pajamas…but you look really cute and pulled-together in them. My two “Lyra” dresses from Lady Vintage are my pajama dresses. Outfit details: Left: Navy floral Lyra dress (no longer available), Lady Vintage Burgundy NikiBiki cropped cami, Bra Genie (purchased in-store) Right: Hummingbird print Lyra Dress, Lady Vintage Beige NikiBiki cami, Bra Genie (purchased […]

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