Dress A Day May – Week 1

Last month, lots of my Instagram pals participated in All Dress April (#AllDressApril), where they wore dresses for the entire month of April. I didn’t notice it until a week in, so I didn’t want to be late to the party. However, Yvette from the Trashy Diva fan group on Facebook mentioned she’d be doing Dress A Day May (#DressADayMay), and that piqued my interest. I’ve been feeling a little funky lately (which you can probably tell via my posts), so to try and get myself out of the same-old fashion funk I’ve been in, I decided to participate. So, here’s what I wore for the first week of #DressADayMay! Monday – I was sick at home, so no dress pic. I wore a nightgown, though. Does that count? LOL. Tuesday – Dress: Lady V London Lyra in paisley print This is one of what I call my “pajama dresses”. […]

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Candy hearts photo

(Warning: discussion of disordered eating in this post.) It’s said by many professionals that eating disorders thrive on secrecy. So, it’s in my best interest to be honest. I’m a binge eater.

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Stuff and things!

Holy crap.  I feel like I haven’t stopped in the past few weeks. So, here’s some updates: For my 40th – yes, 40th – birthday, I told Doug I wanted to do an escape room at Clue Carre down in New Orleans with some of our friends.  I originally picked the Secret Agent room, but they were discontinuing that theme before we could get out there.  So we went with the Vampire Hunter room (if you know me, you’re probably rolling your eyes and saying “of course she did” because you know my affection for bloodsucking denizens of the night).  We escaped with just six minutes to spare – and apparently that’s pretty good!  Afterwards, we walked one block over to Singha – my favorite Thai place EVER – and all had dinner.  It was a good night. A post shared by Clue Carré Escape Game (@cluecarre) on Feb 11, 2017 […]

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Photography: New Orleans Museum of Art and FERRARIS.

This past Saturday, Mom and I spent the day at the New Orleans Museum of Art to see their latest exhibition, “A Life of Seduction: Venice in the 1700s”.  Not only that, but the museum played host to New Orleans first “Concorso d’ Eleganza”, in which Ferrari owners displayed their vehicles!  I took a TON of pictures, too.  What can I say, I love art AND cars!  🙂

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I am a feminist.

Image by Liliana Segura - @lilianasegura

Image by Liliana Segura – @lilianasegura I’ve been a feminist since I was a little girl. Since I watched my mom do everything she could to keep food on the table and keep a roof over mine and my brother’s head. Since Mom told me to ALWAYS have my own money, even when married, and to never allow anyone to take away my money that I made at MY job. Since I learned that having a boyfriend wasn’t the end-all, be-all thing in the world. Since I learned that I could be just as badass in low cut shirts and skirts as I could in combat boots and jeans. Since I learned that sometimes when I got in a difficult situation that there was only one choice for me based on what was happening at the time. Since I learned that I COULD live on my own. Since I learned […]

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No resolutions!

So it’s a new year.  And, as always, everyone is all over the place posting their resolutions and plans and goals for 2017. The thing is, I’m really hesitant to call what I want to do this year “resolutions”. I’ll be 100% honest – my willpower is poo. (I would not make a good Green Lantern.) I’m resolved as long as they’re not inconvenient. As soon as those plans start messing with my time or money, I drop them like a hot potato. I really think I’d do better with setting short-term goals for myself. Instead of “I’m gonna do ALL THIS STUFF by the end of 2017!”, let’s try, “I want to do this one thing today.” Like today, I told myself I was going to drink at least 2 full glasses of water while I was at work, and I did. Woo hoo! Good job, me! Haha. Tomorrow: […]

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